Coastal Home Decor Budget Friendly Finds – First Edition


Hello friends! I have decided to bring you a new monthly feature to the Coastal Cass blog. I often get asked about how to capture my style. So, I thought I would put together a monthly roundup for you guys! These roundups will include some coastal home decor items that are budget friendly to help you bring my take on coastal style to your home! The first edition is a focus on Amazon. Especially now that more and more we are shopping from home, this retailer is such a great resource to land some really great coastal home decor pieces. Most importantly, you can do it on a budget! I am excited to bring this monthly feature to you!! Here are some of my favorite coastal decor items from Amazon, and they have some realllly good ones!!


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Amazon Coastal home decor roundup

  1. Coastal Blues Book – This book will not only give you great inspiration as you try and capture a coastal style in your home, but it also looks beautiful on a coffee table or bookshelf. I can’t get enough when it comes to pretty books like this one.
  2. Surf Shack Book – This book is a staple for the coastal home. It helps you understand how to live and capture the laid back coastal vibe. It, too, looks beautiful as a decor piece in a coastal style home.
  3. Pampas Grass – I love decorating with pampas grass. You can even read how I dry my own here. But if you are looking for a simpler approach, Amazon sells this in a pretty large quantity for a very affordable price. The reviews on it are pretty good, too! Pampas grass is the perfect vase filler for the coastal home.
  4. Woven Whitewashed Tray – A good woven tray is essential to a coastal style home. This one is a good size and would look great on a coffee table with some books, coral and beads. Woven trays help to add that natural texture that helps convey the coastal style. I love that this one is white-washed and has such interesting handles.
  5. Glass Beads – These are so reminiscent of sea glass. They look so good draped across books or bowls. I love the grays and blues. These look so authentic and are a perfect accent in a coastal style home.
  6. Textured White Vase – This would be the perfect vessel for some pampas grass or other greenery. Textured white vases also look great on a bookshelf as a stand alone piece.  I love that this one has a “found” look and is available at such a great price.
  7. Ribbed Pitcher – I love to decorate with pitchers. They give off a more casual feel. I use them for fresh stems or faux greenery. Pitchers are especially pretty for a kitchen counter or a dining room table. This one has a great ribbed feature that makes it look like an expensive designer piece.
  8. Wood Bowl – A good wood bowl can be used in so many places in the home. I love them on a console or coffee table. They also look great on a bookshelf stacked atop of some books with beads. I even love to place a small live plant in them and use as a dining table centerpiece.
  9. Coral Accent – Of course, coral is a staple that epitomizes coastal style. I use it just like a decorative object stacked next to faux plants or on top of some books. Amazon has a great selection, and I particularly love this flower style coral piece.
  10. Faux Aloe Plant – I love the texture of a good aloe plant. This particular one gives great height that would be great for bookshelf styling. It comes in a pretty container too!
  11. Blue Tassel Throw – It is amazing how versatile a good throw can be for home decor. These look great draped over sofas. But, they also make for a great layering piece inside a basket on the floor. Again, it helps add in color and texture and really helps pull a space together nicely.
  12. Lidded Seagrass Baskets – These little seagrass baskets are so cute! I love using multiples of something in different sizes. Seagrass is a perfect texture to add to a coastal style home.
  13. Faux Branch – A good faux branch just makes you feel like you’re walking along the beach. I love these grapeseed ones. They make such impact as a standalone piece on a shelf.
  14. Tan Bone Picture Frame – Having pictures in your home makes it feel more personal. I love using family photos in pretty frames to add that personal touch to bookshelves and tables in our home. This tan and white bone frame is such a pretty way to display those you love the most.
  15. White Bone Picture Frame – This white bone frame is another beautiful piece to display photos. I love the scalloped detail!
  16. Blue Glass Vessel – Every coastal home needs a pretty blue glass piece. This bubble vessel has an organic shape that helps convey coastal style. I love these on a mantle or even on a dining table with a couple simple palm leaves inside them.
  17. Hobnail Planters – Here is another take on an item that looks beautiful displayed in multiples. I love filling one of the pieces with greenery and leaving the other standalone. I also like to use vases of this shape for bookends. There is so much versatility with these little guys!
  18. Cane Vase – Anything wrapped with cane is so popular right now. Cane is a great texture to add in to capture coastal style. It just is one of those textures that makes a space feel more organic and natural.
  19. Wood Beads – Just like the glass beads, wood tassel beads are such a great way to add coastal farmhouse charm. These are perfect to pair with a pretty wood bowl.
  20. Faux Succulent – I find that I cannot have too many faux succulents. They are such a pretty way to use faux and it looks fairly close to real. I use them on bookshelves, in bathrooms, in my kitchen, bedroom. I mean literally every room in the house. Amazon has some great ones that are already in cute little vases to help add variety to your collection.


I hope that you like this monthly feature. My goal is to give you not only some inspiration, but also a one-stop place to land some great pieces to help you create beautiful spaces in your home. My wheels are already spinning about next months edition!!

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