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Design Challenge & Goals

This client project had one big challenge. Working around all the angles in the sloped ceiling had been frustrating. The client really wanted to capture an elevated modern vintage master bedroom look. They knew they wanted a good blend of old and new, but just didn’t know how to work around their oddly shaped room. The short walls and oddly placed doors made it challenging to figure out a layout that could give them space for their bed, a floor mirror, sitting area, and still have enough space for clothing storage. When they reached out to me, I was eager to see how we could pull off meeting these goals, despite the challenging room layout.


The Layout with Angled Ceiling

The layout of a room is always an essential piece to the design puzzle. In an oddly shaped room like this one, it is even more important. Part of the CASS Design Co. process is to gather all the measurements and map out the room. This allows for getting a good feel for what works best and if everything can fit or if something has to go. This is often the trickiest part of the process.

The client had already placed the bed in a couple different spots and was still unsure where to put it. When it works, it is nice to see the bed right when you walk into the room. But for this space, it made more sense to place the bed along one of the short walls, which was off to the right. This was a better plan for a couple reasons. One, there was a door that needed some camouflaging. A proposed shiplap wall treatment was a good fix for this particular challenge. Secondly, the room was sort of long and narrow, and in order to maximize the space, this layout was the best utilization of the long part of the room.

You can see here where everything was positioned to make this space work. On the right side wall, the door didn’t need to have access and so really the goal was to hide it as much as possible. Placing the bed and nightstands in front of this door while using a technique with shiplap to try and make it disappear was a great solution. Because this wall was shorter and angled, the vertical layout of the shiplap will also help to create an illusion to take the eye upward to create more height here.

Also, a seating area between the dresser and chest breaks up the large furniture pieces. Some artwork hung above the chair also gives balance to the one window the room had that wasn’t centered. Off-centered windows are another tricky thing to work with sometimes, but finding a balancing point always helps.


Give Modern Vintage Vibe

Another part of the design CASS Design Co. process is to try and understand what clients like. Sometimes people say, I want it just like yours. And sometimes they have a slightly different preference. This client asked for a blend of old and new. So a modern vintage master bedroom was the vibe we were going for. One of the things I love most about design is trying to interpret what someone likes and create this vision for them, even if it isn’t necessarily my coastal look. Modern vintage has a special place in my heart and I absolutely love creating to combine these two styles. Of course, there are some coastal elements to my style and these came out in this design, too.


Tying Existing Pieces with Some New

This client had a couple of pieces that they wanted to keep if possible. My philosophy on this request is if it can be used and the design can still be executed, then it makes sense to keep it. If not, then I recommend new pieces.  In this case, the client wanted to keep their dresser and chest, if possible. These pieces were fairly new and their style worked to create a modern vintage master bedroom space, so keeping them was recommended.

The new pieces we added really helped to capture the modern vintage vibe. An upholstered bed with a modern shape in a warm gray tone is a perfect backdrop. Adding black nightstands really grounds this area and breaks up the furniture from being too matchy. A pretty gold frame vintage art piece in an elongated rectangle landscape orientation is the perfect piece above the bed. The colors in this piece really pick up the gray and warm tones and adds in some other darker colors for interest and to tie into the dark nightstands. The lamps in a concrete look add in a natural element.

For bedding, a simple white linen look was recommended. And for throw pillows, some warm hued larger pillows serve as a backdrop for a pretty gray small floral print. This combo really brings the color palette to life. At the foot of the bed, a pretty vintage bench is a great add when you want to have a vintage feel to a space. Tying in a coordinating throw here really softens the overall look and adds an element of style. Next to the bed, an olive tree is another great way to bring in a natural element and add style.


Storage & Seating Area

Now for the other side of the room. The client really wanted a floor mirror and the design gave her a couple options for where to place it. The black arch modern shape of this mirror softens all the angles, too. A trick to hide a TV is to create a gallery wall around it. This was the proposed plan above the existing dresser. This also allows for more space for decor on the dresser. Here some simple natural, black and gold items helps tie in the colors from the bed area. And, as always, every space needs a little green.

This was one of my favorite additions to this space. Adding an upholstered chair area next to the dresser really helped to break up the furniture pieces, as well as giving a functional space to read or enjoy a cup of coffee. Above the chair, 2 large framed art pieces are a great way to add balance to the window and to keep the area stylish. A floor lamp and small table are used to help make this space look complete.

Along the wall with the window is where the chest will be added. A round mirror hung above the chest softens all the angles and reflects light to make the space look bigger. One of my favorite ways to complete a space with a mirror is with a lamp and some greenery, and that is exactly what is proposed here.


Finishing Touches

To finish off the room, a new overhead light and rug are recommended. This modern shaped semi flush mount light is a great scale for the lower ceiling. And to really give that elevated look, an investment rug is the perfect piece. My designs are a mix of affordable and investment. Rugs is one of the areas where sometimes it makes sense to splurge. This Pottery Barn rug coordinates the colors beautifully and the thicker more luxurious feel from the handspun design makes it worth it.

This was such a fun project! I love the vibe of this new modern vintage master bedroom space. It was fun to try and create a positive out of the sloped ceilings in here. I can’t wait to see this space come to life over the next few months.

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