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Client Goals

It has been a bit since I posted a client update, but it’s not because there hasn’t been any work happening. One of my latest projects was a beach home remodel for a newly purchased house on the coast of NC. The client had purchased their beach home and it came with bright colored walls & decor throughout. They really wanted to create a calm and serene oasis with a modern feel. This style is right up my alley and I was thrilled to work with them on their beach home remodeling project.

Because they were changing all the rooms at the same time and the home would be used for rentals, the client asked for more affordable choices. Luckily with retailers like Target and Wayfair, this is something you can achieve!

Master Bathroom


The beach home’s master bathroom space is getting a new layout, eliminating a tub with surround tile to make more space for a larger shower. It’s also getting new cabinets, lighting, and decor. The client wanted a spa-like feel that felt calming and relaxing. Gray tones were perfect to capture this vibe. Using mixed metals helps to make the space feel modern and gives it just a little bit more style. Incorporating light rattan textures and palm leaves helps the space flow with the coastal style of the rest of the home.

Great Room – Living / Dining Room

modern coastal beach house design

The great room area of beach homes is where memories are made. Lots of family time, games, and hanging out. So, these spaces need maximized lounge and dining seating. This particular space had an existing sectional and dining set that worked with the desired style of the home. So all that was needed was some decor and accent furniture pieces to complete the space.

Bedroom Updates -Master Bedroom


Most beach homes have several bedrooms and this one was no different. This home included a master bedroom, a boy’s room, a girl’s room, a bunk room, and a twin room. The client was replacing quite a bit of furniture and planned to have lots of guests visit. Thus, it was important to have some more budget-friendly options for furnishings. Of course, the style was still important, too, as the space needed to feel updated after all. Each room got refreshed with paint colors, decor, and furniture. The goal was to create individual spaces but to make them all cohesive and work with the flow of the rest of the home. I love the feel of this collection of bedroom spaces and how it lends itself to the overall design of this beach house. They feel modern, fresh, and perfectly coastal.

Boys Bedroom

Bunk Room


Girls Room


Twin Room


I can’t wait to see this beach home remodel once it’s completed. The client has been feverishly ordering all the furniture and decor in hopes to get it ready for Thanksgiving! With updated spaces that fit the beach style this family wanted to convey, this beach home will be one they can welcome guests and family for years to come. It has been such a treat to work on creating an entire home that flows together, all with the modern coastal style that I love!! 

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