Full Service Interior Design

Want us to do it all?

Full Service Interior Design is the way to go! If you are in the greater Wilmington, NC, area, and want to be sure to get the casual and serene look in your home, this package is for you. We will take care of everything from design, ordering, installation & styling. This service supports homeowners who need help with finishes, furnishing & styling their home.

Finishes Selections

Starting a new build or remodeling project? We will be with you every step of the way. From selecting your paint colors, hardware, lighting, basically everything that makes up the foundation of your home. We will ensure your selections are timeless, within budget & align with your style. This includes site visits & communications with contractors.

Furnish & Style

Once the foundation is set, furnishes & styling pieces are selected to make the space complete. Then, your design and concept will be presented for your approval. Once your pieces are approved, we will handle ordering, assembling & installation to ensure every detail is perfect. Not remodeling or building, we can still manage your Furnish & Style project.

Coastal Kitchen Island

How it works:

  • Project will begin with a KICKOFF meeting for pictures, measuring, establishing an investment plan, and aesthetic review.
  • The DESIGN CONCEPT will be outlined to confirm the design direction, possible furniture layout, inspiration boards, and align on approvals.
  • Work will begin on your DETAILED DESIGN plan. Every furnishing and material will be sourced, floorpans and renderings will be constructed, and your designs will be presented. Once we gain approval for all design plans, a timeline can be established to execute our collaborative vision.
  • We will begin the IMPLEMENTATION of your design, and turn it all into a reality. This includes working with trades and procurement of your goods.
  • Finally, we will put it all together, coordinating with vendors, installing, styling, and finalizing all the details for your REVEAL. Our white-glove delivery partnerships will ensure high-quality assembly and your pieces will be styled to ensure you get that magazine quality look. We will bring in our photography crew and ensure any/all issues are resolved.

This option is for you if:

  • You want a fully-styled space. The best way to ensure the CASS aesthetic is acheived!
  • You are looking for help every step of the way, from paint selections, hardware, lighting, furnishings & accessories.
  • You don’t live here and need assistance with deliveries and/or contractor meetings.

This option is NOT for you if:

  • You only want help selecting finishes, we can handle this through VIRTUAL DESIGN.
  • You are a DIYer and want to handle the ordering, VIRTUAL DESIGN is a better option in this case, too.
  • You aren’t quite ready to pull the trigger and make purchases.

Let’s create a home you love!

If you’re ready to get going, you can inquire here and we can walk through the next steps together.