When we remodeled our house, we had a lot of budget allocated to our floors, exterior repairs and bathroom. So, there wasn’t much left for our kitchen. We tried to focus on the parts that we thought would have the most visual impact. Our old kitchen had gray tiles and backsplash. It felt very dark. So, we definitely wanted to change our floors and backsplash. Additionally, our double sink was peeling and stained. The existing countertops were black granite. Honestly, they were in good shape, but I love the look of white marble counters. So, we made a compromise to get only our island counter replaced and add some pendants. This gave us big impact, without the massive expense of replacing all the countertops in our kitchen.

Of course, we would have loved new cabinets. The ones we have are almost 20 years old, and they look ok, but they aren’t real wood. Again, remember, we were going for impact. Cabinets are very expensive. We kept our all-in budget in the kitchen under $10K. We did this by making deliberate choices focusing on visual impact, so cabinets did not get included.

All in all, I’m loving the changes we made. Maybe one day we can update our cabinets and add a range hood, but for now, this has helped us brighten our space and make it feel more modern. I believe we made the right choices on which pieces to change.

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Island Countertop – Whisper White Quartzite

Backsplash – 3×6 White Subway Tile

Grout – White

Paint – Repose Gray (lightened 50%)

Sink – Josephine by Sinkology

Floor – Custom warm gray stain

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