Coastal Modern Home Office Design

Coastal Modern Office with Navy Built in Cabinets

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Goals for the Space

This modern coastal home office is part of a larger project that I am currently working on for a new-build client. Projects that include furniture and decor, along with the hard finishes of a new build, are absolutely the best for creating cohesive design from top to bottom. The space is part of a modern coastal home and the client wanted to keep the same feel for their home office space.

They are including a built-in cabinet along one of the side walls. Additionally, there is a large picture window. The client wanted to be able to add pieces other than just the desk to create a stylish feel for the room. Also, they wanted to create a space that took advantage of the nice picture window and maintained a light and airy feel. Modern, classic and coastal were the main themes the client wanted for this space. There were a couple of pieces that really helped us to achieve these goals. I just love how this classic yet fun space came together.

Narrow Space

When you have a longer, more narrow space, it can be tricky to figure out the best layout. It is always helpful to think of “zones” for these types of rooms. Here, the design included a seating zone, a desk zone and the built-in zone. Artwork hung side by side and ottomans help to fill the wall space between the zones to create a natural flow for the room.

This is the proposed layout for this room, where the space on the left side is the built-in area. This approach helps to visualize each of the pieces to really make sure everything works before purchasing. One of the most common things I hear from clients about starting from scratch is it is so hard to commit before settling on the right pieces. Seeing it laid out in this fashion is so helpful to get a better feel in order to move forward with selections as well as furniture and rug purchases.

Office layout with corner desk

Decor & Furnishings to Create a Coastal Modern Home Office

The pieces in this space feel traditional, yet modern. Combining black with navy is not always easy to achieve. But, the warm brown tones paired with the darker colors really works well. I absolutely love the way it looks here! The more classic pieces include the sconces, the rug and the desk. While the accent chair, desk lamp, ottomans and shelf decor give the space that more modern feel. By using coastal style artwork, plants and adding some textured pieces like the window shade and rattan baskets, this room conveys a coastal vibe.

Design Plan Navy Built in Modern Coastal office

Overall, I love the plan for this space and I can’t wait to see it all come to life. By thinking about the furnishings along with the hard finishes like paint, cabinet hardware, wall treatments, etc., the overall design is cohesive. This is the best way to create a home you love! You can shop this look below.

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