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Online Interior Design services

Would you like my help to create a home you love? Then, virtual design with CASS Design Co. may be right for you. Virtual interior design allows us to work together on a space, no matter where you are located. Using design software and communicating remotely, this will be a fun, interactive experience where you get a customized design for a space in your home. Home is a place where memories are made and we can work together so that you can fall in love with where you live.

CASS Designs will capture the casual and serene style that I have grown to love living on the Carolina Coast. Whether you are just refreshing some shelves or remodeling your entire home, through virtual interior design,  I can consult with you to create a space that gives you just the feeling you want in your home.

What is Virtual design?

Have you ever heard of virtual interior design or e-design it is sometimes called? Virtual interior design allows me the opportunity to offer my services to anyone regardless of where you are! CASS Design Co. makes this easy with a an easy process.

  1. GATHER THE DETAILS: We will begin with a questionnaire and/or consult to gather all the details. (2-3 weeks after design purchase).
  2. DESIGN PHASE: The magic will begin with your design creation. At this point all you need to do is to get excited to see your new space! (1-2 weeks after consult).
  3. PRODUCT SELECTION PHASE: In this phase, you will see your design. (You will have 10 days to review all your items and notify CASS Design Co. for revisions).
  4. INSTALLATION: Take as long as you want for this part! If you encounter any questions, you have the ability to communicate with your included purchase.
What is Included in a Virtual Design Package?

When you purchase a virtual design package, here’s what you’ll receive:

  • 2D vision board to help you understand exactly how to place each piece.
  • Floorplan (where applicable to determine overall fit).  
  • Links/directions on where to purchase items included.
  • Detailed notes to know where to place items, how high to hang, etc. to make installation easy
  • Unlimited revisions for 10 days to ensure that you love the design.
what’s the cost?

Your costs will be based upon the scope of your project, and there is an opportunity to save as you expand.  Packages range from $599-$799 per room, and will ultimately be determined based on the scope of the project. Scope could always increase the price but this is generally where most projects fall.  There are several accessory and add-on options, too. So, if you are not doing an entire room, but need some help here and there, I got you!

How do we get started?

If you like my style, we can work together to help you get the same look for your home! This is a fun and easy process that offers a great alternative to traditional interior design. I am so excited to work with you on your next project!! Please fill out the form below so we can get started!!