Five Tips for Styling a Dresser

Weathered Dresser Styling

When master bedrooms have a sanctuary feel, they can help to create a calm feeling in the home. Styling a dresser simply can help to capture that sanctuary-type space. For me, it helps me to keep away the clutter and makes for a more serene environment. I have developed a kind-of go-to system for decorating dressers (and have even DIY-ed a few!) that have helped me to keep a balanced and styled look. I hope these five tips will help you if you feel like you don’t know where to start to create a pulled-together look. These are all just my opinions and I have no professional training, but these have helped me to make my spaces feel more styled.

The Best Tips and Tricks in Styling a Dresser

1. Layer mirror and art while styling a dresser

If you love the casual modern look, styling a dresser by layering a mirror with art is a great way to capture this vibe. My preference is to lean on the mirror, although if you prefer it to be hung, that works, too. Some dressers do come with a mirror, but I would advise ditching it and buying one that coordinates. For example, if you have gold hardware, a gold mirror can work, If you have black, then black might work. This is only a suggestion; really the only rule is to try to avoid the matchy, matchy look attached to the dresser, as that can feel a little more dated. If for budget reasons you need to keep the mirror that comes with the dresser, hanging it works better in my opinion.

As for layering the art, again leaning works well. Also, having a different color frame for the art can help to give the dresser a stylish look. The sky is the limit here, depending on the feel you prefer for your room. Vintage art is making a huge comeback and can help give you a moody vibe. You know I love a coastal vibe, and so layering with a coastal piece of art helps to give your room a coastal feel. Additionally, if you prefer to have art as the main focal point over your dresser versus a mirror, layering a smaller piece with a larger piece is another strategy that works well to style a dresser.

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2. Add height with a vase or lamp

To give some balance to a dresser, it helps to use something taller like a vase or lamp.  This just helps with scale of the entire look and helps to pull it together. I think it works with one or the other or even both.

3. Fill the horizontal space

Adding the taller pieces provide vertical balance. So, in order to do the same with the horizontal space, consider using books or different sized boxes to help to fill the horizontal space. This helps with styling the dresser in that it establishes a cohesive look with the taller vertical pieces. I love to shop for books and boxes at TJ Maxx or HomeGoods. Look for neutral colors for books. If you are buying boxes, stacking 2 different sized boxes works well. Trays also work well to fill the horizontal space and can also add another texture to your dresser to add interest.

4. Add greenery to your dresser

This strategy works everywhere in the home but is perfect for a dresser. I love some taller branches in a vase. Hobby Lobby is honestly my favorite place to shop faux stems. If they aren’t on sale one week, that means they will go on sale the next week, and this helps me to get them at a great price. I am also notorious for grabbing branches from outside in our yard. These will last a couple of weeks in a jar of water. I love to keep real stems in a jar with water placed inside the vase. This makes it easier to swap them out or change the water.

If you want to add more than one item with greenery, try to vary the leaf size. So, if you have one with larger leaves, maybe try adding another one with a leaf size more compact. Also, varying the height of greenery helps to maintain balance and scale to give you a stylish look.

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5. Use a structural element in styling a dresser

Using a structural element is a great way to add visual interest to horizontal space. This can be something natural like a branch or a piece of coral. Wood links and beads are also on trend right now and work well to help create texture. Try stacking these structural pieces on books or you might drape them over a tray. These types of details can help you pull together a stylish look for your dresser space.

I hope that these tips will help you if you are shopping for items to decorate or style a dresser space in your home. There are absolutely no rules but following these guidelines has helped me to create spaces that feel like they are more pulled together. Having order helps me to keep away the clutter and keeps my mind more at peace, and there is no place more important to do this than a bedroom.

I am including some of our bedroom dresser decor links below as well as some other great finds to help you if you are in the process of shopping for decor to style your dresser space.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this easy-to-implement formula for styling a dresser. Let me know below if you give it a try!!

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  1. You’re wayfair link for the dresser doesn’t take me to the dresser. I would love to buy it via your website. It’s absolutely beautiful! Is it possible you could either fix the link or send me the name of the dresser? Thanks so much!

  2. Hi Cassie
    Do you think Agreeable Gray as a kitchen cabinet color would blend with my `beige floor with pink undertone?
    I am reading about pink beige floors but I am getting more confused. I am not able to attach a picture to this post but the tile looks like a warm sandy beach color, not a golden color in my house.
    What is your opinion?

  3. Hi Judy! I think it would work! Agreeable has more of a griege feel to me. Repose gray is a little cooler….feels more gray vs greige in my opinion. I have a tile color like this in my home and I have Repose on the Wall, but Agreeable looks great too!

  4. Thank you for your simple and amazing ideas to beautify our home.
    You’re ideas are the best and helps us update decor at the best price possible1
    Mahalo from Honolulu, Hawaii keep sharing!

  5. Oh my goodness, you’ve made my day! Thank you for following along :).

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