Post-Holiday Decorating Tips for Your Coastal Home


In a blink of an eye, 2022 has ended and we welcome 2023 with open arms! This means it’s time to take down the holiday decor. For some, this may be a challenging day and for others, an exciting change.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, this year’s holiday decor included lots of pine and juniper greenery, touches of vintage, and lovely blue ribbon. I am a little sad that the holidays are over but I welcome the change and a refresh as well as incorporating some of these holiday items in my coastal winter home.

With proper planning of your holiday decor and post-holiday decor,  you don’t have to pack away or change everything. Think of having similar color palettes and similar textures but making a few changes here and there. You can most certainly simplify the transition process by keeping a few things around and yet, have your coastal home feeling fresh and cozy.

Coastal Home Post-Holiday Decorating Tips

Decor Challenges

Once the holiday decor comes down, there are a couple of challenges to deal with.

When the holiday hustle and bustle is over and it’s time to take down the holiday decor, the house can often look empty. What do you do to decorate that corner of your house where the Christmas tree once stood? Or what about the mantle where all the garland and stockings once were? Are there decor items that can be kept out in your coastal home or do we need to pack away all the Christmas and holiday decor?

Another decor challenge is not wanting to jump right into spring decor once the holidays are over. It is still wintertime and there are a lot of beautiful decor items that can be shown off in your coastal home during the winter months. Let’s talk about five post-holiday decorating tips that you can utilize in your home.

Five Post-Holiday Decorating Tips

Before you decide to pack everything away, come up with a plan. Are there items you’ve used during the holidays that can be used again? Do you have a budget lined up? What is the overall decor vibe you are going for? What holiday decor items can you use next year? Once you figured out a plan, it’s time to start implementing these subtle changes to your coastal home.

Post Holiday Coastal Home Decor Mood Board

Leave Pine & Evergreen Stems in Vases

I loved using pine and evergreen stems throughout the holidays in my coastal home. Space some of the greenery around the house to fill up some bare areas. Place them as a centerpiece, or in a vase along your coffee and other tables. A sprinkle of greenery here and there will give your coastal home a fresh new look while staying affordable.

Post-Holiday Decorating Tips

Swap Holiday Candles with Fresh Scents

When the holidays are over it’s time to swap out those holiday candles with some fresh new scents. Replace the Christmas and cinnamon scents with a beautiful coastal scent like sandalwood or ocean breeze. A fresh pine scent is reminiscent of a crisp winter day and is a nice transition until Spring is a little closer.

Simplify Shelf Decor

One of my favorite post-holiday decorating tips is to simplify shelf decor. My coastal Christmas decor is not much different than my everyday coastal decor therefore, utilizing the greenery and blue candles around the shelves will bring out that coastal cozy winter vibe without feeling like the holidays are sticking around. Incorporate some framed art that brings height and depth to the shelf and pair it with some stems. Stack some books on the shelf and add a pretty object on top. Remember, don’t overload those shelves with decor. Space and simplicity is your friend here!

Post Holiday Coastal Home Decor shelves

If needed, purchase a couple of new pieces for a fresh coastal look. I often recommend Amazon and Target for these budget-friendly options. Add in some rattan baskets, antique vases, and other neutral decor options. Remember, shelf styling combines a little bit of art and a little bit of science. Utilizing these tips will help you create that designer coastal look!

Post Holiday Coastal Home Decor

Replacing Ornaments with Other Filler Ideas

Ornaments are a fun filler decor item that can be placed all around the house during the holidays. Once the holidays are over it’s time to replace those ornaments with another filler like pinecones or decorative beads and links. Add them to table centerpieces, bowls, and vases. Another great option for trays or bowls is wood or marble links. This gives a chic look that still fills the space well, adding dimension and texture where the ornaments once were.

Post-Holiday Decorating Tips greenery

Filling Up Empty Space

When it’s time to put away the Christmas tree, it leaves a big space that needs to be filled. It doesn’t need to be difficult to find replacement pieces to go here. This is the perfect opportunity to create a cozy corner with a chair, a beautiful neutral-colored side table, a cozy textured blanket to drape over the chair, a nice pillow, and a lamp. These are all simple ideas to refresh your coastal home post-holiday.

Post-Holiday Decorating Tips for small spaces

Yes, taking down Christmas decor can make a home feel empty. However, it doesn’t have to be that way and you most certainly don’t need to jump straight into spring. With three more months of winter, why not incorporate those items you used in your holiday decor to create that beautiful coastal winter home? A classic coastal home doesn’t need to be complicated, rather simple and classic is the way to go. Just enjoy and have fun designing it. I hope you are able to utilize these post-holiday decorating tips in your coastal home!

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