Incorporating 2023 Design Trends for a Coastal Home


As with each new year, there are always design trends that emerge. Whether it’s warm interiors, a neutral palette, or playful designs. Now, how do we work around these trends to fit with a more coastal-style home? What are some design trends and tips we can use that will still convey a timeless look? Let’s take a look more closely at these design trends and see how we can blend these ideas and styles into your coastal home.

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Why Incorporate New Design Trends?

Incorporating new design trends into your home year after year can make it feel current. There is no need to include every new design trend but rather, you can be selective on the trends that work with your home. Use trends in accent pieces around your home and stick to a more timeless style that always stays relevant. For example, play around with throw pillows because those are easy to change but keep the couch to a simple or neutral pattern.

2023 Design Trends that work with Coastal Style

If you’re looking to add some new design and decor to your home, here are a few tips and tricks so you can incorporate those 2023 design trends into your coastal-styled home.

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Fluting Details

Fluting in design is a type of ribbed or grooved texture. This is a lovely style to consider in accent pieces around the home. Fluting details on lamps, side tables, and mirrors are a beautiful way to add a classic but trendy design to the coastal home. This trend is even showing up on cabinetry.

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Warmer Neutrals

Blues are a classic color for the coastal home and in order to incorporate some warm and neutral tones, think about mixing in browns and blush tones. There is no need to give up light wood as light wood creates a light and airy look but incorporating darker wood tones along with darker decor pieces helps create warmth which in turn evokes coastal style.

Some examples include changing up a few pieces like photo frames, shelving, or accent chairs. Think about adding a dark wood bench to your entryway and decorating it with ivory, blue and blush-toned throw pillows. Making small changes to incorporate those warmer neutral tones will make a big difference in your coastal home.

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Mixing Old and New

Add in some vintage or thrifted finds to give your home personality. Antique books are a wonderful option for shelves. Head over to your local thrift store and grab the books that have white covers under the jackets. These look great stacked up on a shelf or sandwiched between vintage bookends. Large vintage crocks would make great planters while smaller ones would make great placeholders for your kitchen utensils. You can get vintage crocks at your local antique store.

When adding in this type of decor, it’s a great way to get through some of the supply chain issues we are currently seeing. There is no need to wait weeks for shipping but instead, finding and adding these more meaningful antique pieces gives your home a personality all while staying in that coastal-style vibe you are looking for.

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Curves and Arches

Curves and arches bring along softness with an organic feel. This type of detail brings in a sense of charm when combined with the right coastal home decor and furniture. They make rooms look more spacious by visually drawing attention to the height of the walls. If your home doesn’t include this architectural detail like arched doorways or windows, you can always add in some arch decor.

Some suggestions include an arched mirror in the bathroom, an arch cabinet or hutch in the dining room, and even arch candlestick decor for styling tables and built-ins. You can find furniture pieces like seating and accent pieces like blanket ladders in light wood tones and rattan textures. Using this design feature can be a great complement to your existing coastal decor.

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Traditional Decor Touches

This year, traditional decor touches are making a comeback. You will see more renaissance shapes and brass tones this season. These work well mixed in with organic pieces like rattan and jute to create a coastal modern classic look.

Another idea to consider using is pleated lampshades. Pleated lampshades are considered classic yet vintage. Incorporate pleated lampshades to your side table, nightstand, or on top of some antique books for elevation. Then add a warm lightbulb to create beautiful mood lighting.

You can also bring a decorative bust into your home. Don’t forget to mix old and new design elements when working with bust decor. Add some modern lighting and furniture then combine it with a beautiful classic bust made out of stone. These make excellent fillers and can also be placed on a bookshelf or console table.

Hang portrait art around the home. Incorporate large pieces above couches, dining room tables, and credenzas or lean smaller pieces on shelves or a nightstand.

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Lamp / Brass Bowl / Rattan Tray / Art / Taper Candles / Pitcher / Eucalyptus Stems / Jute Chargers / White Dining Chairs / Dining Table / Mirror / Chandelier

How to Subtly Incorporate New Design Trends

Plan out a budget to update new design trends in your home and when you are bringing in new design trends, do it subtly to blend with the coastal vibe. One way to add these new design trends is by adding small decorative accents on bookshelves and tables. Strategically place some greenery on the shelves and add some trendy vases or art. Maintain the big pieces of furniture (like seating) in a neutral palette but layer in floral pillows to capture a traditional look. You can also do this in bedrooms by keeping furniture more classic and incorporate trends with bedding and throw pillows.

Start Small with New Design Trends

Remember, there is no need to update everything inside your coastal home but rather, sprinkle in some pieces here and there to keep up with the design trends. It can be overwhelming to make so many design decisions at once but when choosing which trends to use and how to use them, take your time. Learn how to incorporate these subtle changes and designs in an affordable and timeless way.

If you aren’t one to try new trends, pick a couple easy and affordable updates that you can add to your existing decor. When your home gets a few updates, it can give you a refreshed feeling, too! Have fun incorporating these trends. Often, it’s a glimpse of what’s to come in the next few years, so I hope you can find a few design trends that you love!

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