How to Decorate Your Home with Thrift Store Finds


If you’ve ever spent your weekend moseying through thrift store isles, you know how therapeutic it can be. Not only can you save some money, but you also can find some really unique products that nobody else has! If you’re new to thrift store shopping, here are the how-tos!

bathroom coastal decor
Thrifted Tobacco Baskets

Why Thrift?

As I mentioned, with thrift store shopping, not only are you guaranteed to save money, but you can score a lot of really fun, unique pieces – especially in the home decor sections. Since trends come and go, it can be really fun to find pieces that are years old to revive in your home! I’ve found so many pieces of furniture and home decor selects that I know were so much more expensive when first bought.

entryway bench
Thrifted Bench and Crocks

Tips for Thrift Store Shopping

If you’re new to the world of thrift shopping, here are a few tips to making the most of it! I encourage you to go often. Find a few key places in your city that are easily accessible to stop in during your weekly routine. New items are available every day, sometimes even by the hour.

As you shop, pick up the items that catch your eye. Even if you change your mind along the way, it’s better to secure something you think you might love. Items can go quickly!

If you love it, buy it! With thrifting, since the price is typically low, there’s very little room for buyer’s remorse! If it catches your eye, chances are, you’re going to love it in your home!

living room bookshelf with decor
Thrifted Books

Items to Shop For

Not sure where to start? A few common reasons people go thrift shopping is to look for books, pitcutre frames, baskets, and home decor. You can find so many rare or unique books! Many people have found one-of-a-kind or first-copy books in thrift stores! I recently shared some of my thrift store book finds and how to style them on a shelf. Lamps are also a great find – especially with how expensive trending lamps can be when found at home goods stores! I’ve found so many rattan lamps or bases with unique detail for very little cost!

If you love a piece but it isn’t the perfect color or in pristine condition, you can always DIY it! Thrift stores are so popular among the DIY community. First, clean the product or item that you bring home. Sand it if necessary before you refinish it! A coat of paint goes a long way – especially if it’s a neutral that allows the piece to be more versatile in your home!

living room bookshelf decor
Thrifted Books

Now that you’ve learned the how-tos on thrift shopping, what’s stopping you!? I’d love to know what you’ve scored in your local thrift shop once you take your first trip! Let me know in the comments below!

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