Guide to Decorating with Natural Light Wood Finishes

When styling your home, there are so many options to choose from when picking between different pieces of furniture and decor. If you’re looking into wood finishes for both of those things, I love using a natural light wood finish for several reasons! It helps create a light and airy look to your space, which is ideal for creating the coastal style home.

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Why Choose a Natural Light Wood Finish?

As I mentioned above, choosing light wood finishes for furniture and decor helps create a light and airy look. If you have medium to dark wood or laminate in your home, natural light finishes work well with the darker floors. Overall, they create warmth in any room and can help to evoke coastal style.

What Pairs Well with Natural Light Wood Finishes?

You would be surprised at the versatility of light wood finishes! You can pair so much with them in creating that warm, airy look. I typically love to pair neutral linen pieces with these types of finishes. For example, linen sofas, chairs, or bedframes work well with light wood pieces. Brass tones also compliment them well, in addition to black decor. So many homes can now be found painted in a moody hue or have darker accent walls – pairing light wood finishes with these can help naturally brighten the room and offer a nice contrast. I also love to pair blues, grays, and whites with light wood.

Where Can You Add Natural Light Wood Furniture Pieces?

My guide to this is simple: stick to quality, not quantity. You should only have a couple of pieces in each room, and they don’t necessarily have to be matching. You want staple pieces to be what catches your eye!

For the bedroom, go with a bed, dresser, or nightstand with a light wood finish for that extra airy look! Here’s a few of my favorite pieces that work well.

In your living room, try to find either a few decor pieces (photo frame, floating shelf), or add staple pieces with this kind of finish: think coffee tables, end tables, accent chairs, or your mantle. Below are some of my faves!

For your kitchen, an obvious choice would be a dining table or chairs, but I also love light wood finishes on sideboards, bar stools, and decor! Check out some great options here.

Lastly, adding light wood finishes to your entryway can help set that light and airy tone when guests first arrive. Try a bench, console table, or dresser with some mixed and matched decor to accomplish that look! Here’s a few that I love.

Do you have light wood finishes on your home furniture or decor pieces? I’d love to see how you style this in your home! Drop your photos in the comments below, or tag me on Instagram so I can see!

As always, if you need help styling a room, let’s chat! Learn more about my design services here!

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