How to Mix and Match Outdoor Furniture Like a Pro

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Creating a beautiful outdoor space is a wonderful way to enjoy your home with family and friends. When shopping for outdoor furniture, it’s pretty common to see that many companies sell outdoor “sets” that come with several pieces. Whether it be an outdoor sofa and tables made from the same material or dining chairs and tables made from the same material. It all matches nicely, but the overall effect may not be the most visually interesting. Similar to mixing and matching for interior spaces, a better approach is to mix and match outdoor furniture.

back porch dining table

If you want an outdoor area that has more of a designer look, staying away from those “complete sets” a good way to achieve this goal. However, it can be overwhelming to combine various pieces from different materials, colors and styles, and maintain a cohesive look. With a few simple strategies, you can furnish and style your outdoor areas to give off that magazine look.

Why Should You Mix & Match Outdoor Furniture 

When it comes to designing your outdoor space, mixing and matching outdoor furniture can elevate the overall aesthetic and create a more visually interesting, interior designer look. While traditional complete sets of matching outdoor furniture are an easy way to purchase, there are a few good reasons why you should think about mixing and matching different furniture and decor pieces to create an outdoor oasis that stands out.

Layering your outdoor space with a few different materials is an effective way to add more depth and dimension. The different materials add more interest and can give your outdoor setup more unique style. With many different material types that are good for outdoor spaces, combining a few can help your space give off a more custom look.

Here’s a few examples of some materials you can mix with outdoor furniture
  1. Combining wicker chairs with concrete side tables and wood coffee table.
  2. Combining woven dining chairs with teak outdoor dining table.
  3. Combining Polywood Adirondack Chairs with Metal Tables or Ceramic Tables.

These are just a few examples but there are so many different possibilities. When you consider your personal style and the overall style of your home, you can enhance your patio or porch design by incorporating different pieces versus buying a complete set.

Southern Coastal Back Porch

How to Create a Cohesive Look when Mixing Outdoor Furniture Materials

When looking to mix and match outdoor furniture pieces, there are a few strategies you can use to help these pieces flow seamlessly. Stick to using a few materials in total. Select a primary material or theme to serve as a foundation for your outdoor furniture arrangement.

Examples Include:

1. Wicker, Concrete, Wood  
2. Metal, Wicker, Wood

Stick to a color palette with 3-4 colors. Opt for complimentary colors that enhance each other like warm-toned wood and earthy neutrals or metal furniture with cool-toned blue and grays. If you already have one solid color chosen for this space, think about pairing it with two other colors to create a fresh look. This is a great way to show off your individual style.

Repeat an element throughout the space at least once to create a unified look. A good example is if you use a whitewash wood swing, you can layer it in a whitewash tray or lantern. This pulls the overall look together makes each piece of the porch or patio space feel intentional to the overall design. Another example is if you have a blue umbrella, consider adding a blue seat cushion or a blue rug to tie the space together. Having repetition of elements creates a cohesive look and a unified outdoor space.

Use Decor to Pull Together Your Mix & Match Look

Incorporating similar materials and colors within your decorative items helps to unify the space.  Think about adding different pieces like an outdoor rug, pillows, trays, and lanterns to help to add even more interest to the space. Adding in a few outdoor accessories that repeat some of the same elements as your furniture items can help to give a balanced look.

Here are a few ideas of how you can use decorative accessories to help unify your mix and match patio furniture look.

  • Use a similar color in your area rug as your accent pillows or seat cushions.
  • Use a rattan tray to coordinate a woven textured chair.
  • Use a white ceramic pot for a small planter to match pops of white in your furniture.

Consider some of the same colors and textures that you have in your indoor spaces. Carrying your design style from the indoors to the outdoor areas helps to create cohesion and flow. This is especially helpful if your windows allow for your outdoor areas to be visible from inside.

Where to Shop Outdoor Furniture & Decor

There are tons of great options out there to purchase great furniture. Of course, high-quality materials that will last is always important. In addition to choosing the right materials, it is also important to keep in mind that you might need to replace outdoor

  1. Amazon
    1. It’s budget-friendly.
    2. The variety of options is endless.
    3. Has convenient & fast shipping.
  2. Walmart
    1. It’s also budget-friendly. 
    2. Walmart has high-style options within the Better Homes & Gardens line of products
    3. There are a good amount of High-End Look-Alikes available.
  3. Home Depot
    1. Home Depot has good quality at an affordable price point
    2. You have the ability to ship to the store for pickup
  4. Serena & Lily
    1. These are investment pieces but with excellent style to elevate your space
    2. You can consider adding a couple of pieces like hanging swings to make it more budget friendly.
    3. Perfect option for coastal style.
  5. Pottery Barn
    1. Pottery Barn is more of an investment but its scale and quality are excellent
    2. Many of their pieces have a casual coastal feel

When it comes to shopping for outdoor furniture and decor, there are several great places to browse. By exploring these great places. you’ll uncover the perfect outdoor furniture and decor pieces that align with your style.

amazon outdoor furniture

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix and Match Outdoor Furniture

Mixing materials allows you to express your personal style and is the best way create a truly customized space. Remember to stick to a few materials, coordinate colors and textures, incorporate repeated elements and utilize decor pieces to maintain consistency in style.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different materials. It can be intimidating using some of these tips and strategies, but you can create a space that shows off your personal touches, reflects your taste and ultimately elevates your outdoor space.


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