The Secret to Perfectly Mixed Furniture Pieces


Have you ever wondered what’s the secret to mixing furniture effortlessly? There’s something about a room with the perfect blend of pieces that gives off an elevated, polished look. One thing you will not see in too many professionally designed homes is furniture sets. Rather, you usually find a curated blend of pieces that aren’t overly matched, but blend together harmoniously.

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For example, think of a bed, nightstand, and dresser that are all identical or coffee tables and end tables that are from the same set. While this look is coordinated, it just doesn’t give the same effect as a curated look. To create a designer look, your furniture should blend, but not be all the exact same. You will find that the room’s potential opens up so much more when different pieces are placed together.

Why Avoid Matching?

So, why should you avoid matching? Your home is your personal creation to reflect the personalities of all who live there. To help create a home that evokes feeling, and not just function, you can weave personalities within your furniture selections. Having different furniture pieces can do just that. You can even take this a step further by adding in personal pieces or family heirlooms to current purchases to reflect who you are even more.

Mixing furniture also allows you to create a timeless appeal. With mixed furniture pieces, you have more flexibility to adjust some pieces to stay current. Having a few base pieces to curate a room around to mix and match allows you to be more flexible as your style evolves.

You can also use this strategy for price points as well. A great way to do this is to invest more in larger pieces of furniture and utilize affordable options for accent pieces. In this way, it can be a more affordable way to curate a space.

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Tips and Tricks to Mix Furniture Pieces Seamlessly

There are a few tips & tricks that can help you mix furniture with ease. Here are a few key points to keep in mind to achieve a perfectly curated space.

Balance the Materials

Mixing the materials of your furniture will help add interest to the space. For example, brass, black, or light wood will be more visually appealing than all light wood. Also, using different colors of the same material can also create that same visual appeal. For example, think of using a mix of metals versus a uniform look.

Another tip to mixing materials would be to include wood, metals, stone (like marble or quartz) with natural materials like rattan, etc. Combining natural materials like rattan with sleek materials like marble or black metal can create a softer feeling. This will ensure that your space is more approachable. It balances the cozy and crafted looks.

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Use 3-4 Colors

When creating a space, a good rule of thumb is to stick with only a few colors throughout. This goes for all of the items in a space from furniture, upholstery, textiles like pillows & rugs, and decorative accessories. For example, with furniture pieces, you may use an upholstery color, a wood color and metal color. You can weave these same colors into the decorative accessories. Using a color palette that you love and sticking with these few colors allows the eye to flow throughout the space easily.

Repeat the Elements

This is a key component to creating cohesion when mixing furniture pieces. First, you will need to find an element you love in one of your selections, then search for another piece that mimics that characteristic. A great example of this would be a rattan coffee table with a side table that has a rattan section to it. You can also utilize decor pieces to repeat elements from the furniture.

side table in bedroom

Keep with the Style

To create a cohesive look, the style should be similar when selecting furniture pieces. For example, a more traditional material like brass or marble will pair well with a piece that also has a traditional shape and feel.

Combining styles can be achieved, but there needs to be a few pieces of each style to help the space flow. An example of this might be a rustic coffee table and end table with a more traditional sofa and chair.

Use Consistent Scale in Mixing Furniture

One thing to avoid when mixing furniture is utilizing pieces that do not coordinate in size. When this is done, the pieces don’t read well together. For example, if there is a drastic size difference between furniture, it can be aesthetically overwhelming. Common mistakes of this would include side tables that are too short for your sofa in your living room or nightstands that feel too small next to a king-size bed in a bedroom.

Try to balance the scale of your items to create that seamless feel. It is important not only for the overall look of the space but also for functionality.

Ready to Give it a Try?

If you are ready to give mixing furniture a try, here are a few starting places. You can see in these combinations of coffee and end tables just how some of the above strategies are used. Photoshop or Canva are great tools to utilize when trying to visualize all of the furniture together. These programs help to build a mood board or just to get a better feel for how items look when combined. Getting the visual can be super helpful before pulling the trigger, especially for bigger purchases.

coffee and end table combinations

If you’ve been around for a while (or even if you are new here), you might know that CASS Design Co. also does just this! We help people who may not feel super confident or maybe they don’t have time, to mix furniture pieces, along with decor, paint, and all the pieces involved in designing a room. The design services offered by CASS Design Co. will help you create a perfectly curated look in your own home, and mixing furniture is one of those things.

I hope this article helped you learn how to mix furniture like a pro. By utilizing some of these strategies, your home can do more than just function, it can evoke a feeling and reflect your own personal style.

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