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Fall is such a fun time to create a pretty fall porch, complete with mums, pumpkins and whatever else sets the fall mood. Creating a cozy porch look that works well with interior coastal fall decor may look a little different than the traditional fall hues. Typical fall decor usually includes orange pumpkins, orange or yellow mums, and cornstalks. For a coastal-style home, the color palette is typically more neutral with some pops of blue. Foliage in the south takes on different shades of green or maybe even pink. These colors are a great inspiration for creating a coastal cottage fall porch that feels updated, cozy, and welcoming to guests.

coastal fall porch with fall wreath

Front Porch is the First Impression

Your front porch is the first opportunity to create a vibe that captures the feel of your home. It’s also a chance to marry the the interior and exterior. For a modern classic coastal-style home, porches that feel cozy and coastal create a harmony from the outside to the inside. A coastal cottage look is warm and welcoming, and sets the stage to greet guests in a hospitable way.

coastal cottage fall porch,  neutral fall porch decor

How to Create a Coastal Cottage Fall Porch Look

Here are a few tips and tricks to create a coastal cottage fall porch look:

Establish your Color Palette

It is helpful to start by thinking about what colors you want to incorporate. A coastal look typically includes neutrals with pops of blue. Using a neutral palette to begin works well. You can also add in soft pinks or even blues as an accent. It helps to find some images that you like. Google or Pinterest are great resources to grab some images of what style you’re drawn to the most or colors that stick out to you.

Choose Planter Combinations

To create a cozy cottage front porch feel, a mix of planters is a great option. Try to choose a variety, such as those made from different materials in different sizes. Some examples include concrete, ceramic, and even rattan (outdoor safe is best). Before you begin, think about how you plan to arrange your planters. It is important to do this before going to get your plants. You will want to try to create a balanced look with taller and shorter planters. For a more cozy, cottage look, an asymmetrical arrangement is a great option. But symmetrical arrangements of the same format on each side works too. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box, either! You can even use baskets or vintage crocks that can withstand the elements to add even more charm and character.

green and pink plants, fall porch planters

Decide on the Plants for Your Planters

After you have chosen your planters and decided on the perfect arrangement, you will next want to decide on the plants for the planters. Consider what type of plants will work for the temperatures and lighting of your area. Usually, your local nursery makes this easy by displaying plants that are suitable for the particular season you are in. They can also help guide you in the ease of care with each plant, so if you are wanting something lower maintenance, asking your local nursery is always helpful.

Start shopping for varying heights while sticking with your color palette. Consider the Thriller, Filler, and Spiller strategy for your groupings. This strategy states that you have a “thriller,” which is your tallest plant with a strong statement of form and color a “filler,” which is a plant or plants that help fill the space to hide the soil; and a “spiller,” which is a plant that drapes over the edge of the pot.

For a neutral palette with hints of pink, here is a combo that works well:

  • Limelight Hydrangea for thrillers: taller planters in back
  • Foxtail fern and begonia for fillers
  • Variegated jasmine and sedum for spillers
  • Standalone mums can also be fillers and give the space the fall vibe.

Lastly, you can also consider adding in some evergreen options that can stay on your front porch throughout the holiday season.

Layer in Pumpkins

Of course, you need pumpkins for a fall porch! For a coastal cottage fall porch, orange might not be the best choice. Green and white pumpkins of varying textures and sizes will add just the right amount of character to the space. If you shop early, you can find some great faux options; however, the real thing is always best for a collected natural look.

Finish with Wreaths and a Doormat

The last layers to that extra cozy look: a wreath and a doormat. You can even layer a doormat over a rug for extra texture. Still keeping in theme, consider neutral colors here. If you don’t have very many pops of blue so far, this can be a great way to incorporate those. For wreaths, I love natural materials like pampas, olive branches, or drier palms. For your doorway, a knotted sailor’s doormat instantly gives off coastal cottage vibes. For layering, choose a plaid or striped rug in a neutral color or with a touch of blue.

Enjoy Your Coastal Cottage Fall Porch All Season Long

Here are a few extra considerations after you’ve curated your perfect coastal cottage fall porch.

First, be sure to care for your plants and water accordingly. For hydrangeas, this should be around three times per week. Begonias and ferns can withstand a little drier soil, so only water those about twice per week. Mums do require lots of water, so daily watering or watering every other day works best. Using the feel test to check for moist soil can help to ensure that they last throughout the entire season.

Secondly, to create more ambiance, you can add some candles or lanterns. If you have rocking chairs on your front porch, adding cushions that match the fall aesthetic can help polish the look. It’s all about creating a cozy feel while still incorporating the coastal and neutral colors that a coastal-style home always has.

rattan planter with pink mum and neutral pumpkins, wood door

I would love to see any fall porches you put together. Be sure to tag me on Instagram if you used these tips and tricks to inspire the look of your coastal cottage fall porch. Enjoy the fall season!

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