Five Ways to Combine Coastal and Fall Decor


Fall is such a fun time of year. Having the seasons change into sweater weather feels so cozy, and it’s always fun to gear up for all the hosting that happens in the fall. Another reason to love fall…the decorating! Making sure fall decor feels cohesive to a coastal style can be challenging, so CASS Design Co. is here to help! Here are some ways to create that cozy fall feeling with your decor and still keep a coastal home vibe.

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How Fall Looks on the Coast

One of the main guidelines for a modern coastal feel is to create spaces that mimic the feeling of being on the coast. Having neutral tones with pops of blue can capture that feeling of being at the shore. Often when you think of fall, you think of oranges and browns to reflect changing leaves. However, fall on the Carolina Coast looks slightly different compared to other regions with different temperatures.

Especially in warmer climates, you do not see many typical fall leaves changing colors until very late into the fall season. Coastal foliage stays pretty consistent, where it might feel slightly less green but not as much orange and yellow. While it might not flow with coastal style to add warm tones to neutrals and blue coastal colors, you can still create a fall vibe in your home that reflects what fall looks like on the coast by implementing a few tactics.

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Five Strategies to Create a Coastal Fall Home

1. Use a Neutral Color Palette with Hints of Blue

As you may know, blue is a staple of coastal decor. Mixed with neutrals, this color combo reads coastal, no matter what season. Neutral tones allow an effortless transition from season to season, preventing you from needing to switch your style. With all of that being said, these versatile colors can create a solid foundation for fall decor without changing your color scheme too much. Of course, you can add in some warmer tones, but maybe stay away from oranges and reds, think more burgundy and pinks, as these colors mesh well with coastal blues and neutrals.

2. Incorporate Dried Stems in Fall Decor

For foliage, wispy grasses are prevalent on the coast and can add interest when you use them in your home. Wispy grasses look less green and are more brown in the fall, sometimes they are even pink. You can incorporate these types of stems and dried florals in your vases for a coastal fall feeling. Doing so will add a lot of depth and interest in your home. Some of my favorite dried foliage to add are pampas grass, statice, starflower, and dried palm leaves.

3. Create Warmth with Textiles

Even though it will stay primarily warm for the fall season, there is a noticeable change that brings more of a chill to the air. Layering in fabrics that remind you of flannel, sweaters, etc., helps to embody that same feel. Plaids and crochets knits are classic fall staples that will go with any vibe. There are so many plaid and crochet knits that come in a variety of neutrals that will look great with your coastal decor.

Pillows and throw blankets are an affordable and easy ways to incorporate different textiles. Chunky knit blankets in white, beige (or even blue) are great for fall. Rugs are another option to add in some different tones. It’s a good time to consider layering over a jute rug for an extra cozy look.

4. Layer in Other Textured Elements

Adding texture is suitable for any season of coastal style decorating. For fall, you can incorporate deeper-hued rattan and jute pieces as a simple way to add some neutral coastal textures throughout your house. Trays and baskets are a great example of pieces to layer in your decor to add texture. Using different material vases that feel more earthy and organic and have a weathered look is another great way to add texture.

5. Use White & Rattan Pumpkins

You can still add a fall feeling with pumpkins and stick with a neutral color palette. Target, Amazon, and even Trader Joe’s or your local grocery carry a variety of large and small real or fake white pumpkins.

Rattan pumpkins are also a cute way to give some extra texture to your fall decor. They add interest and still contribute to the coastal style versus competing.

How to Transition your Coastal Home for Fall

By slowly swapping out items in different areas throughout your house, you can bring a sense of fall without it feeling too overwhelming. Some of my favorite places to find items for my home at affordable prices are Target or Amazon. So many retailers update their lines for fall. McGee and Co. is another fave to find unique fall finds.

Here are a few areas that you can start to incoporate fall decor into:

Your COFFEE TABLE is a great area to start! One way to easily do this is to incorporate pumpkins. You can arrange them as a small centerpiece. You could also add a pumpkin scented candle to create that extra cozy feeling.

BUILT-INS are another great spot to incroporate a few pumpkins. Within this area, you can also swap out art for more fall finds.

For your DINING TABLE and/or buffet, start by swapping out stems within your vases. Fall foliage could include dried stems, pampas grass, or deeper colored flowers. Add a pumpkin crock for an extra touch!

For your KITCHEN ISLAND, use a tray or vase with rattan texture. Gold is another pretty fall option. Consider incorporating figs or pears – both are seasonal fruit so they fit perfectly with fall decor, and still coordinate with neutral coastal decor. Your kitchen island is another great spot for a fall scented candle!

Your ENTRYWAY is another place to use vases with dried stems or fall foliage. It’s also another great spot for some pumpkins!

Don’t forget about OUTDOOR SPACES. Your front door is a great place for dried wreaths. White mums are also a CASS favorite for outdoor fall decorations. Green and muted Cinderella pumpkins are great options to help continue the neutral vibe outdoors, too. Lastly, add a few lanterns – there are a ton of great options in black or gold.

For your PORCH AREAS you can incorporate fall textiles on your swings and chairs. If you have accent tables, add in a few white pumpkins just as you did inside.

Fall Decor Can Still Feel Coastal

All-in-all, fall decor can still be incoporated into your coastal home. Using these tips and tricks can help you seamlessly transition into the new season.

Don’t forget to have fun with it, too! Your personality should shine through the decor within your home, so if you love it, add it!

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