How to Create a Designer Layered Bed in 6 Steps


Do you love how cozy and luxurious interior designer bedding looks? A bedroom should be the coziest haven in your home, and making the centerpiece (your bed) an aesthetically pleasing but practical space is essential! The look can easily be achieved by creating layers of textures and materials. With these simple six steps, you can create a designer layered bed in your own home with ease.

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Why is it helpful to create a designer layered bed?

There are a few reasons why the look of a designer layered bed in a home is a good thing. A room that is put together nicely can create a sense of calmness. When a space has order and function, it can help to eliminate stress. Also, when you like the way a space feels, it can lead to an increased feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment, even in other areas of your life. On the flip side, when things are out of order or messy, it can create added stress.

Additionally, it can help give you many more options, especially if you are sharing your bed. If you and your partner like to sleep at different temperatures, one of the best solutions is layers. This is also a great solution if your sleeping temperature changes throughout the night. If you are in an area where the weather changes drastically from day to night, having the option of multiple layers is a sensible way to sustain your heating and cooling solutions. Ultimately, the level of comfort will help you sleep better.

Lastly, having beautiful bed layers that you love can be motivating to help you make the bed daily. There is a reason why the military requires a made-up bed every day. Why is this? The importance of attention to detail. Attending to a daily task helps with habits, especially at the beginning of the day. It can help put your mind in a productive mindset at the beginning of every single day. Making your bed can also help you get a better night’s sleep, with the covers nicely positioned in place on your bed.

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How to Layer Your Bed Like a Designer 

Here are six steps to helping create that designer layered bed of your dreams:

Step One: Start with a Comfortable Fitted Sheet and Top Sheet

Your sheets are the base of your layered bed. Not only should they be cozy and comfortable, but aesthetically pleasing as well. My favorite recommendation is a bamboo cotton option. They are a nice upgrade for that super soft, luxe feel. When it comes to color, white is always a classic look that works well with most coastal-style homes. The top sheet is controversial, so of course you can leave this off if you prefer, but it does add a nice layer that is always smooth and comfortable as the first bedding layer that touches your body. Additionally, it can be easier to wash the top sheet more frequently, vs. washing a quilt, coverlet or duvet cover.

Step Two: Place Sleeping Pillows Stacked on Top of Each Other Laying Flat,

Pillows are the next most important part of your humble abode. Once you have decided on your favorite pillow options, you will want to arrange them for functionality and design purposes. For a king bed, king pillows work well to cover the horizontal surface. For twin, queen, or any other size bed, standard size will work.

If you like to “prop” up your pillows for watching TV, reading, etc., you will find it nice to have at least one additional pillow layered on top. This can be king or standard size.

Another tip for this is to stack horizontal pillows at least 2 pillows high to create a nice leaning area for shams and throw pillows.

Step Three: Layer Shams and Throw Pillows Stacked Upright

You will want to start with Euro or larger square pillows to create a backdrop for the rest of the pillows on your bed. Three is the best number for king beds.

Next, you will use smaller square throw pillows. Look for 20″ or 22″ options. Again, for king beds, the most luxurious looks come with pillows in sets of 3. You can definitely get away with 2, though.

Lastly, you will want to layer a lumbar pillow at the very front of all of your throw pillows. Longer lumbar pillows (think 30″ or more) work best with three stacked square pillows.

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Step Four: Add a Quilt or Coverlet

Adding a quilt or coverlet creates a nice first layer for your covers, as it is the thinnest option. It also helps to add interest with different textures.

A quilt or coverlet is a great way to incorporate subtle color patterns. For a coastal-style home, look for options with stripes, block prints, etc. You can also keep a classic look here by adding a solid neutral color. You will still have texture if you choose this option!

Step Five: Add a Duvet Cover to Your Designer Layered Bed

You will want to add your duvet cover next, of course with the insert attached. When making the best, you will fold this down to cover approximately 1/3 of your bed. The folded look creates a fluffy appearance and can serve as an option during sleep for anyone who desires more covers. There are tons of different weights to choose from when selecting a duvet insert, from lightweight to more heavy, depending on preference.

When choosing a color, a neutral linen look is always a classic option for coastal styles and beyond.

Layered Bedding in Bedroom with White curtains and Fig Tree

Step Six: Finish with Quilts Draped at the Bottom of Your Bed

Adding one or more quilts to the bottom of your bed is another chance to add texture or mix in different colors from your space. Using one is a great option, or your can layer them for a more luxe look.

There’s a practicality to these as well: if you find yourself lounging but don’t want to unmake your whole bed during the day, throwing a quilt on will create a cozy experience.

I hope these tips and tricks helped you to create the luxurious designed layered bed of your dreams!

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