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One of our latest projects was a beautiful home on Harbor Island in Wrightsville Beach, NC. The home incorporated a coastal modern design with an organic vibe. Our hope with all projects is to create a space to capture the lifestyle of the coast with a casual feel that is representative of the people who we are creating the space for. In this case, this active family values time together and all the activities that the area allows. With some Hawaiian and west-coast influences, a blend of Carolina and California cool was the best way to achieve the modern coastal look. 

white and wood coastal modern living room and kitchen

Modern coastal style was the perfect blend for this family. With a neutral palette, lots of texture and clean lines, the elements used in this coastal contemporary home embodies the family’s style. Let’s look at some of the components and how to get the look.

What is Coastal Modern Style

Coastal modern style is a design aesthetic that combines the tranquility of coastal living with the sleekness of modern elements. This style typically utilizes a minimal color palette, often consisting of two or three colors. As with this case, a common color scheme is often black and crisp whites with the addition of warm wood tones. Incorporating black and white in a coastal modern style creates a sense of sophistication. The introduction of wood and brass tones adds touches of warmth.

Components of the Style

When looking at furniture, a coastal modern style features pieces with sleek profiles and clean lines. While the overall look is modern, the use of organic textures such as natural materials, raw woods and rattan touches helps maintain a coastal vibe. You can find items like a natural fiber rug and rattan accented furniture or lighting to translate the modern coastal feel. The result is a sense of natural beauty and added warmth to a space.

Modern vs. Traditional Coastal Style

There are a few distinguishing features of coastal modern style that sets it apart from traditional or classic coastal decor.

coastal modern organic side table

Clean Lines

One notable difference is on the emphasis of clean lines. Traditional coastal decor often features more intricate and ornate details. The coastal modern style prefers a more simple and minimalistic look. It avoids excessive decoration, opting instead for a more streamlined and uncluttered look. It favors a less-is-more approach which creates a sense of openness and tranquility, echoing the serenity of coastal living.

coastal modern white living room with wood tones

Color Palette

Another difference is the overall color palette. When looking at traditional coastal decor, it often features a more colorful and eclectic palette. Typically focusing on blues, greens, and neutrals hues. In contrast, the coastal modern style relies on a more sophisticated color scheme, with a focus on simplicity and elegance to enhance the modern feel.

coastal modern organic corner chair

A coastal modern home offers a fresh and contemporary take on coastal decor. By combining the simplicity of modern design with the warmth of coastal elements, it creates a space that is both stylish and inviting.

Why Incorporate This Type of Style?

This particular style focuses on clean lines a sleek, uncluttered look. and is a refreshing alternative to more traditional decor styles. Therefore, if you prefer a minimalistic look and appreciate contemporary design, a coastal modern style is the right choice for you. Additionally, if you enjoy a contemporary feel in your home, this style can help you achieve a modern, sophisticated look that is both timeless and elegant.

coastal modern open concept living room and kitchen

Whether you live by the coast or simply want to bring a touch of coastal charm to your space, coastal modern look offers a versatile and stylish design option.

Coastal Modern Organic Home Project: How to Get the Look

The Coastal Modern Organic Project in Harbor Island allowed us to design and create a contemporary space that is minimal but has the feeling of warmth. A key factor in our success was the careful selection of the color palette and materials that not only reflected our client’s preferences but also contributed to the overall ambiance of the home.

Careful Selection of Colors and Materials

The objective was to create a space that embodied coastal living that exuded warmth and simplicity. Drawing inspiration from the relaxed sophistication of the West Coast, organic materials, bright whites, and abundant greenery helped create that overall coastal modern home vibe. Blacks and white were incorporated into their color palette, which seamlessly integrated with the home’s existing finishes such as floor tiles and wall colors. Creating this space within their home made it feel elevated but comfortable enough to kick up your feet and relax or entertain guests.

Focusing on Values for the Family

This was an important part of the overall design and to achieve this, we incorporated elements that resonated with the family’s values and lifestyle. Artwork depicting outriggers, surfboards and coastal dunes adorned the walls, showcasing their love for the outdoors. Lots of natural textures and materials were used throughout the home, creating a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living.

coastal modern white living room with surfboard wall decor

The modern aesthetic of the home was apparent in all the design elements, from the carefully selected artwork from Hawaii to the comfortable seating arrangements to help encourage relaxation and highlighting coastal surroundings with linen curtains and coastal style plants. We wanted the interiors of the home to feel modern yet connected to the coastal surroundings.

Incorporating Beautiful Coastal Surroundings

Bringing the outdoors in was a key design principle, with plants and greenery playing a central role in enhancing the overall ambiance. We incorporated a lot of organic texture by utilizing materials like teak, travertine, and rattan furniture pieces which added depth and texture to the coastal interiors. Additionally, lots of neutrals and textured pillows were also included in the decor as they created a sense of coziness and warmth.

Lighting Options

Lighting is such an important part in design. Here we focused on creating a sense of warmth and intimacy by adding light fixtures that were concrete and modern-shaped lamps. These helped cast a soft glow throughout the space. We also made the most of natural light by highlighting large windows. This helps maximize natural light which creates a bright and airy feel throughout the home. This also helped further enhance its modern coastal appeal.

These elements came together to create a home that not only reflected our client’s modern coastal design and taste but also served as a sanctuary where they could unwind, connect with nature, and create lasting memories with their loved ones.

small space kitchen with open shelving in modern coastal style

Creating Multi-Use Spaces

When working on this design, we focused on creating multi-functional spaces to maximize usability and comfort.

For example, a table was added in the entryway with baskets for storage and an ottoman for additional seating. This provided both functionality, created a nice focal point, and brought a softer, welcoming touch.

A seating area was added to the dining room and a large mirror was placed behind it to create a sense of spaciousness. It was a great way to make room feel larger while adding a stylish element to the space.

coastal modern organic dining room with sitting area

To enhance the coziness of the living area, we added pillows to the bench and included a swivel chair area, perfect for creating a comfortable and inviting hangout spot.

swivel chair in coastal modern style home

Multi-use spaces are important to the overall vibe of any home. These additions not only added functionality to the space but also contributed to the overall warmth and welcoming atmosphere throughout the home.

Designing a Coastal Modern Home

A coastal modern home embodies a style that is sleek and minimal yet exudes warmth and comfort. This design combines the clean lines and simplicity of modern design with the inviting textures and natural elements of coastal living. The careful selection of color palettes, organic materials, and furnishings creates a space that is both stylish and welcoming.

Throughout the design process, the focus was on creating a home that not only looked beautiful but also felt comfortable. By incorporating organic materials, such as raw woods and rattan, and using a neutral color palette with pops of black and white, we were able to achieve a balance between modern sophistication and coastal charm.

clean line white and wood chairs

The result is a space that feels contemporary, fresh, cozy and inviting all in one. A beautiful modern coastal styled home. Looking for more ideas? Here is a post I’ve written on some of the Best Ideas to Create a Timeless Coastal Home.

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