Porch Plants Perfect for Christmas and Winter Months


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Filling your porch planters with winter-friendly plants is the best way to keep the entry to your home feeling welcoming even as the cold temperatures start to arrive. As the seasons shift, it is a good idea to adjust your outdoor plants and decor to reflect the evolving landscape.

Porch planters are a perfect canvas by adding a touch of warmth to your exterior. They should be resilient and able to withstand the cold weather and frost during the winter months. Having planters with greenery will help enhance the curb appeal of your home. Let’s look at how to create a cozy vibe for your front porch with outdoor winter plants.

Winter Porch Plants

A Mix of Evergreens Creates a Perfect Winter Porch Look

A mixed look creates a diverse and captivating appearance for your outdoor decor. In turn, it can infuse your space with charm, while creating a warm atmosphere. This approach is perfect if you prefer a mixed container arrangement. Keep in mind, in order to maintain consistency, ensure your containers have a unifying theme by keeping the same color palette for all containers. This contributes to the overall appearance of your outdoor space and in turn, makes it visually appealing.

Embrace a medley of sizes and textures to add depth and dimension to your outdoor decor. This allows you to showcase numerous types of plants and decor items. By combining different sized containers, you can create a grouping to add interest for your porch. Both small containers and large containers are great. Make sure these are winter containers and have well-drained soil and good drainage. Terra cotta pots, plastic pots, ceramic planters and metal planters are all good choices. Get creative and explore options like planters, baskets, and crocks which allow you to infuse your personal style into the overall decor.

Mix of Evergreen Plants

Favorite Evergreens and Plants for your Holiday/Winter Porch

When looking for the perfect winter porch plants, opt for low maintenance evergreens and hardy plants. These resilient options require minimal care. Be sure to consider frost-tolerant plants that thrive on your porch as well. Here are some great options to consider for Zone 8 and more. Be sure to check that these plants are suitable in your climate.

Leland Cypress:

This is an evergreen plant that is a great choice if looking to add some height and structure to your porch. This low maintenance plant requires minimal watering yet stays vibrant through the colder months. It is tall and slender and provides a beautiful backdrop to your outdoor space.


Similar to the Leland Cypress, the Arborvitae are tall and low-maintenance evergreen plants. It requires minimal watering and care which makes it a great choice for a winter porch plant.

Italian Stone Pine

Add a little uniqueness to your porch decor by incorporating some Italian Stone Pine. This plant boasts a blueish hue and starts as a full shrub which makes it a great size for porch arrangements. It grows well in the southern and central regions and is known for its drought tolerance. In turn, this makes it a popular choice for a porch plant.


Rosemary plants can bring a festive touch to your porch as its conical shape resembles Christmas trees. It also gives off a nice fragrance.

Foxtail Fern

The Foxtail Fern brings a touch of uniqueness with its distinctive shape and bright green foliage. It often stands out in porch arrangements while bringing a touch of whimsy to outdoor decor.

Asparagus Fern

This particular plant has wispy green fronds which give off an airy vibe. This helps bring a delicate touch to the porch decor.


Although these are more challenging to grow, boxwood hedges contain a classic and timeless appearance. With proper care, it can bring a touch of elegance and structure to your porch decor. The dark green hue is a perfect complement to lighter evergreens.

When picking your porch plants, remember to select ones that are low maintenance and fit your overall style. This will ensure that your porch remains an inviting space year-round. Play with textures, color and size to create an interesting look.

Close up of Evergreen Plants

Details to Add for a Special Christmas Touch

When it comes to adding a special Christmas touch to your front porch, it’s all about the details. These festive accessories not only create a warm holiday atmosphere but also make your space feel truly magical. These details can just as easily be taken away, too, once the Christmas season has ended so that your porch still feels warm and inviting.


This is the quintessential holiday decor for your door! Real or faux wreaths both create a focal point while welcoming guests into your home with the spirit of the season. It is the first thing your guests will see and it sets the tone for the rest of the house.


Add vintage-style bells to your wreath for a touch of glitz. The sound of them jingling captures the essence of holidays!


Layering a rug on the doorstep brings out a cozy vibe while serving a practical purpose. It minimizes dirt coming into your home, as well as grounding the space and making it feel inviting and complete. It is a great way to add color to the space to create a cohesive look with containers and ribbon.


Lanterns have a timeless appeal and brings a touch of charm to Christmas decor. Fill the lanterns with candles or fairy lights to create a welcoming glow.

Twinkle Lights

String clear twinkle lights around your porch, along the railing, or by the plants and bushes. These lights make it truly feel like Christmas. Don’t be afraid to adorn your evergreen plants within your planters with lights, too!


Adding bows are a great way to infuse color and texture into your holiday decor. Decorate lanterns, wreaths, or even your porch railing with festive bows. These add a touch of playfulness and elegance while elevating your decor.


Pairing garland with twinkle lights, bows, and bells creates a holiday masterpiece! Line it along your railing or around the front door frame to set the holiday tone.

All of these details will help transform your home into a Christmas wonderland! If you’re looking for these items, explore the Amazon Christmas section for a wide range of options to suit your style.

family on porch

Create a Great Base for Your Holiday Porch to Carry You Through the Winter Season

By creating a neutral winter base and adding holiday decor, you can create a porch that will look great through the holidays and beyond. This approach ensures that your winter porch plants remains a delightful and inviting space well beyond the holiday festivities until late winter and early spring.

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