Best Ideas to Decorate Your Stairs Landing


Stairs landings can be tricky to decorate and figure out what furniture and decor pieces you should include. This unused and empty space can be a great opportunity to not only add more function to your home, but it can even add value by providing more living space. It doesn’t matter how big or small this space is, it is a perfect place to decorate and bring more visual interest to your home.

stairs landing sitting area

How do you decide what type of area your stairs landing should be?

There are many ways to decorate this tricky little area of your home. Often, it is challenging to come up with an idea of what your landing area should be? One easy way to make the most of this otherwise dead space, is to think of what you could use in your home. Maybe you could use a dedicated home office. Perhaps, it would be an ideal spot to have a cozy reading area. By asking yourself what type of area you could benefit from in your home, this can be your guide to ultimately coming up with what this space will be. Let’s look at some ideas.

Home Office

More and more, people are working from home. Often, it might be the case that more than one office space is needed. Or, perhaps, your home doesn’t have a dedicated space for a home office. A stairs landing area is a great spot for a small home office space. All you need is enough room for a place to put a small desk and a chair and this can be the perfect spot. Many stair landing areas have enough space to even add a cabinet or other storage, too. You really don’t need much space to create a high functioning small office space, and it’s a perfect way to use the extra space at the top of the stairs in your home.

Small Office Under Stairs

Cozy Reading Corner/Sitting Area

If you already have an office space, maybe you could use an extra area for relaxation? This is the perfect opportunity to create a cozy little reading nook or seating area. Working with something smaller? You can simply add a bench or comfy chair to sit on. Another idea is to add four chairs around a small table. If your upstairs is mainly kids’ rooms, this space is a great option for a kids’ hangout area with books and board games.

Stairs Landing Sitting Area

Additional Storage

Extra storage space is always helpful. There are some simple ways to utilize space on a stairs landing for extra storage. Upgrade this area to create small shelves or built-in cabinets. Add in some woven baskets and other containers to keep the area looking neat and tidy. You can even add a cabinet or console table to provide more opportunities for decor and storage. A small bookcase or shelf can house objects, books and special family photos. The stairs landing is the perfect spot for adding furniture or built-in shelving to create extra room for storage.

What Type of Decor to Use for Your Stairs Landing

Depending on the size of your stairs landing, there are different decor pieces that could make the area stand out and become a focal point in your home. Below are some suggestions that works well for stair landing areas.

Gallery Wall

Create a statement by adding a gallery wall of your favorite family photos to your stairs landing. Either have your picture frames laid out symetrically or asymmetrically depending on your preference. A gallery wall can make such an impact in your home, and hallways and stairs landings are the perfect spot to place them. You can also incorporate moulding or a beautiful sconce to create visual interest. Amazon has some great frames that are not too expensive and have a high-quality look.

Stairs Landing Sitting Area with Gallery Wall

Floor Mirror

Elevate the space with a large or oversized floor mirror. Mirrors help bounce light around to create a more open and airy feel. They are a great decor piece and also it can a good place to check your reflection before going up or down the stairs. A floor basket looks or house plant are great options next to a floor mirror to complete the look.


Besides mirrors and picture frames, utilize wall hangings or pieces of art for your stairs landing. Have favorite artwork? This would be a great place to showcase it. You can even elevate this look with picture lighting sconces.

Small Office Under Stairs Landing


Greenery always makes a space feel alive. Add one or two large planters to your stairs landing. Make sure this area has a lot of natural light otherwise, faux stems are the way to go.

Strategies to Create a Stylish and Functional Space

Whether your stairs landing is big or small, there are many different ways that you can create a stylish and functional space to create a cohesive design for your home.

Use a Similar Color Palette

A stairs landing is a transitional area that you pass through when going up or down the stairs, Use a similar color palette as the rest of the home. When keeping within the same color hues, you will be tying all the rooms together for a cohesive look.

Add a Rug

This is a high traffic area so adding a rug will help with wear and tear on the floor. Grounding the space with a rug will help define the area and create a focal point for the room. It can also help create separation from other areas and add a cozy and intimate feel.

Focus on the Walls

Don’t forget the vertical space. Adding large wall hangings, mirrors, or a tall shelf will create visual interest. Large artwork or multiple framed pieces are great options for hallways or stairs landing wall decor. Use designer strategies to hang wall decor to create a cozy and stylish look.

Mix Up Materials

Utilize different materials for decor such as wood, textiles and metals. Incorporate wooden frames for pictures, different types of metals for lighting, and textiles like throw pillows for chairs. Mixing up materials is a great way to keep the space look interesting and inviting. This is one of the best interior designer tricks to creating a unique look for a space.

Small Space with Big Possibilities

Yes, the landing stairs area may seem small but it can be so useful. There are so many stair landing ideas that can help give your home more value, form and function and bring more visual interest to your home. Decorating and furnishing this space can give your home that interior designer look. With so many possibilities, you really can’t go wrong with how you choose to use it!

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