Simple Designer Tips for Styling Your Kitchen


Kitchens are known as the “heart of the home.” It’s a place where delicious meals are made, laughter between family and friends happens, and where so many people spend the majority of their time in their home. Thus, it’s worth having a beautiful kitchen that has both style and function. Kitchen styling doesn’t have to be difficult. Rather, by using a few simple tips you can create a kitchen that feels elevated and functional.

Coastal Kitchen with Light Blue Island

What Spaces in the Kitchen Should You Decorate?

It can be tricky to decorate kitchens, as counter space and storage are always a priority. There is a balance between decorating and having so much stuff that it looks cluttered. Careful attention is needed to not take up all the usable space for meal prep. However, there are a few solutions to help you focus on key areas to keep a styled, yet simple look.


It is helpful to make sure your kitchen countertops are decluttered, starting with a clean slate. Build a few vignettes by using groupings of artwork, cutting boards, or other functional items like olive oils, cooking utensils, and cookbooks. Accessorizing with plants and flowers is a great way to add visual interest within your vignettes. If you have a collection of cutting boards, leaning them against the wall is a great way to create texture and height. Consider using the ends of kitchen counters for small groupings of decor, leaving the middle space open to allow for enough prep space. Think about where you will use certain items like oils, spices, utensils, etc. and build these types of items into your vignettes. For example, next to the stove, you might use a crock with wooden utensils or a small tray with salt & pepper.

Kitchen Counter Decor

Open Shelving

Open shelving in a kitchen is a great way to display some useful items such as recipe books, serving bowls, and glassware. You can also mix in some decorative items like antique vases, artwork, and planters. Place the items you use less often on the higher shelf and the ones for everyday use on a lower shelf. You can learn more tips & tricks for shelf styling here.

Open Shelving in a Kitchen

Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands are a great place to create a focal point with decor. Adding a large floral arrangement in the middle or utilizing a large fruit bowl are an easy way to spruce up your kitchen island. This is a great place to add warm texture with wood accents like a tray or cutting board. Remember, less is more here. Again, don’t forget to leave room on the counter for prepping and cooking space.

Kitchen Island Decor with Vase & Cutting Board

Sink Area

The sink area can be dressed up with a few easy upgrades. Dress up the kitchen sink area by adding a small tray or riser. to house a neutral brush or sponge as well as some clear bottles for hand and dish soap.

What Kind of Decor Works for Kitchens?

When styling your kitchen, there are many different kinds of decor that will work. The best kitchen decor will also be functional. This creates an elevated look as it feels like it “fits” the space. There truly are many options for what kind of decor you can incorporate to create a stylish, yet functional space.

Kitchen Counter Decor

Functional Kitchen Decor

Display pretty everyday items throughout your kitchen for easy access. Build a vignette by utilizing items such as oil bottles, salt & pepper grinders, and wooden utensils. Display different-sized wooden cutting boards or gather wooden utensils and display them in a pretty crock. Utilize your open shelves or cabinets with glass fronts to showcase some of your favorite dishes and glassware. Use items like stoneware colanders or serving bowls as storage for fresh produce. Placing functional pieces that double as decor throughout the kitchen is a good way to help your kitchen feel streamlined and styled.


Cookbooks are a great way to add style and even more functional decor to your kitchen. Either lay them down against a wall or display them on a cookbook stand. They also look great when stacked on open shelving. The best cookbooks to display are neutral or coordinate with the color scheme of your kitchen.


Art is not one of the things that comes to mind for kitchens, but it is great to have a few pieces can give the space character and interest. Style framed art on your open kitchen shelves or lean it against the wall. If you have a range hood, hang art right above or right under it for visual interest. You can also use artwork to hide outlets that may not be in use. Still life always looks great in a kitchen, but you can also use more abstract, vintage or landscape type artwork, too.

Vases & Plants

Adding fresh or faux flowers to vases on your countertops can give life to the space. Real florals will bring a beautiful mix of color and fragrance to your space. Cut some greenery from the outside and display it on your kitchen island. There are many great faux stem options that will also work well in kitchen decor, too. Another great option is to use or real herbs in pots to add character to your kitchen space.

Best Places to Shop for Kitchen Decor

When styling your kitchen, these shops below are some great places for finding beautiful and functional kitchen decor.


Amazon is one of the best places to get most beautiful functional decor. Their great selection of stoneware items like colanders and bowls, beautiful cutting boards. It’s also a great place to shop for wooden utensils, pepper grinders, cutting boards, and cook books.

McGee & Co.

McGee & Co. has beautiful linens, unique stoneware items, and pretty vases. Even though this retailer can be higher budget for furniture, kitchen decor items tend to be very affordable.


Studio McGee & Hearth and Hand collections at Target are always great for finding modern kitchen decor. Target carries beautiful selections for art, linens, vases and more. Often, you can find trays, bowls, hand soaps and many other kitchen finds at an affordable price.

Pottery Barn

If you are looking for classic white dishes to display or beautiful vases, Pottery Barn is a great place to shop. Their collections have clean lines and look great on display. This is also a great place to shop for glassware or anything safe for outdoor use. Even though you might not use playful pieces, details like woven textures in glassware looks beautiful on display.

Designer Styled Kitchen Island

Benefits of Styling Your Kitchen

Having a functional and beautiful kitchen can create a feeling of peace in your home. Less clutter and a few pretty details that you can actually use are all you need to create a space where you and your family enjoy spending time. Don’t stress about doing it all at once. Rather, start with one area, and before you know it, your kitchen upgrade will be everything you’ve ever wanted.

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