Design with Mixed Metals Like a Pro

Nowadays, there are so many home design trends that create a sleek, modern feel. Combining them effectively can not only create a modern look, but can also give a more timeless appeal as well. Let’s look at some strategies at why this works and how to do this effectively.

Mixed Metals with White Vanity and Round Mirror

Why should you design with mixed metals?

For starters, mixing metals gives a designer look. There’s boldness in contrasting metals. It adds interest to create a unique look. The mixture definitely creates a custom feel versus the standard cookie-cutter decor. When done correctly, it creates a sleek, warm feel in any space.

mixed metal vanity with vertical shiplap

How can you pull off mixed metals?

My first tip when you start the design process is to repeat the color at least twice. For example, keep the faucet/light, hardware/mirror, or hardware/lighting all in the same family.

From there, keep the same families of colors. For example, don’t mix polished brass and satin or antique brass. Stay consistent with the same finish for each color you are using!

Mixed Metals Kitchen Island

What else to consider when creating this look?

When choosing your pieces, try to go for more timeless pieces when it comes to what you’re going to spend the most money on. That way, if you decide to change things up later, you can center around your largest investment. For example, when choosing plumbing fixtures, use a more classic look like chrome. When you go bold, do it with items that you’re likely to change out more often.

With that being said, don’t limit yourself to what’s trending right now. If you love the look of gold hardware, do it! Going with what you like will help you create looks that reflect the warmth you want for your home specifically.

What are your thoughts on the mixed metals look? Would you be willing to give mixed metals a try?!

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