How to Style a Narrow Porch

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There’s nothing better than breakfast on the porch with the family or a night to yourself curled up on a patio seat with a great book and a glass of wine. Whether you host often or you’re sending the kids to the back porch, it is an extension of your home with endless possibilities. Today, I’m sharing how to create the coziest of spaces, even on a narrow porch!

narrow porch decor

Step One: Create Zones

First, specify zones and their purposes. Having a designated area for eating and a designated area for lounging on a narrow porch can make it feel like you have much more room. Finding space between zones will create a stronger illusion of a wider space as well. There are so many great choices when it comes to outdoor furniture. This makes it easier to create a cozy porch space, and often at an affordable price. Here are some options that I am loving right now. You can click anywhere on the image to shop these pieces!

affordable outdoor furniture finds

Step Two: Consider Weather Elements

If you want the ability to spend every season outdoors, considering weather elements is key. Weather-proofing your porch or patio is ideal to be able to use it year-round. This may be not always be possible, so you may need to consider more durable furniture pieces if your porch or patio will be exposed. Adding fire tables or portable heaters might be an option to consider as well to be able to use your outdoor space year-round. Our porch as Bothe covered and open areas. For the open areas, I love our Polywood Rockers. They stay white and bright all year long!!

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Step Three: Treat the Space the Same as You Would the Interior of Your Home

When it comes to coziness, what are your must-haves indoors? For me, I love greenery. So, adding plants outside is a no-brainer. I also like to coordinate my pillows and rugs to match the aesthetic of my patio furniture selections and to complement my interior areas. Thinking about how the space will be used helps to choose furniture and textiles that are durable enough for families with kids and pets.

Don’t skip over details like throw pillows, rugs, and accessories. These are essential to creating a cozy feeling! There are some great outdoor rug selections at many online rug retailers, plus your local Walmart or Target will offer rugs and weather-proof pillows and covers. Adding these extra layers to the space really helps to give the space a curated designer feel.

summer porch table setting

Overall, these are just some of the main things to think about when styling a narrow porch! For more tips on creating a modern coastal porch area, see my blog here!

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