How to Style a Narrow Porch


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There’s nothing better than breakfast on the porch with the family or a night to yourself curled up on a patio seat with a great book and a glass of wine. Whether you host often or you’re sending the kids to the back porch, it is an extension of your home with endless possibilities. Let’s take a look at how to create the coziest of spaces, even on a narrow porch.

Chairs & Dining area on back porch

Why Decorate your Narrow Porch

Porches are almost always drawn into home plans. But sometimes, they may be awkward to style, as they may not have a lot of square feet to work with, or they may have a long narrow layout. You may question whether you have enough room to add outdoor furniture and decor. Creating a porch that reflects your personal style is a great way to set the stage for your home, or add additional living space. When you decorate your porch, you create ambiance, as well as enhance your home’s style.

Strategies for Decorating a Narrow Porch

Create Zones

First, specify zones and their purposes. Having a designated area for eating and a designated area for lounging on a narrow porch can make it feel like you have much more room. For example, you can use a create an outdoor living room setup with a porch swing as a focal point and additional accent chairs for extra seating. Small outdoor tables or even garden stools are a great choice to use for accents and they function well to hold a book, drink, etc.

summer porch table setting

Rectangle tables with bench seating is a good idea to save space. To add a little more flair, you can use outdoor wicker chairs on the ends. Smaller round tables can work well if you have a corner space. Even if you need to push the table up against the wall, a bistro table setup is a great option to provide a spot for outdoor dining. With many possibilities, even with a small space, you can create a way to dine outdoors and add visual interest to your outdoor area.

Consider Weather Elements

If you want the ability to spend every season outdoors, considering weather elements is key. Weather-proofing your porch or patio is ideal to be able to use it year-round. This could include a roof overhead or adding screens, and may be not always be possible. So, you may need to consider more durable furniture pieces if your porch or patio will be exposed. A favorite brand for exposed outdoor areas (especially near the coast) is Polywood. Adding a fire table or portable heater might be an option to consider as well to be able to use your outdoor space year-round. Even adding blankets can be a great option for both a cozy look and feel to increase your porch’s usability even in the cooler months.

narrow porch inspiration

Consider Same Design Principles as Interior Spaces

Beautiful outdoor spaces have a lot of the same elements as beautiful indoor spaces. They have a layered look with a balance of color and materials to fill the space. When pulling together outdoor spaces, the same elements should be used to give a more elevated look.

When it comes to coziness, what are your must-haves indoors? Greenery is one that comes to mind. So, adding plants outside is a no-brainer. Consider using textiles in coordinating fabrics to add another layer of interest and to soften the space. Outdoor curtains are another layer that can be added for extra coziness. Thinking about how the space will be used helps to choose fabrics and materials that are durable enough for families with young children and pets.

Additionally, don’t skip over details like throw pillows, a decorative rug, and accessories. These not only help to incorporate a balanced color palette, but they are also essential to creating a cozy feeling. There are some great outdoor rug selections, and they really help to define the space. Adding these extra layers to the space really helps to give the space a curated designer feel.

Back porch decor with eating and relaxing zones

Favorite Ways to Complete the Look

Details always make a huge difference when designing a space. This can be tricky with outdoor spaces, but there are a few pieces of outdoor-friendly decor that work well and will hold up to the elements. Metal lanterns are a favorite accent piece to use next to chairs or on dining tables to help create ambiance. Trays made from a weather resistant rattan or even an acrylic material is a great accent that can function well to carry drinks and/or snacks. Layering a ceramic planter inside a tray with a lantern or candle can give your outdoor space a layered, designer look.

coastal style porch with bistro chairs and plant decor

Get your Narrow Porch Ready

Don’t let your narrow porch get in the way of creating a beautiful outdoor space. By using some of these strategies, you can create an outdoor oasis, even if you do not have a lot of space. We have lots of resources over on our Amazon Storefront. Or, if you would like to work together to create a unique and beautiful look, check out our services to see how we help.

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