Ideas to Create a Beautiful Entryway Even in a Small Foyer


Updated: April 26, 2023

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Foyers are one of those areas that need to be functional. Being the first thing you see when you walk into a home, style is also important. If you have a small foyer, you may be inclined to skip decor or furniture pieces. When, actually, the best way to work within this challenge is to add items that fit the scale and help the space to function the way an entryway should. With the right approach, you can maximize foyer floor space and elevate the look at the same time. Here are the best entryway design ideas for a (small) foyer.

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What is a Foyer or Entryway Used For?

Your foyer is the first thing that your guests will see when entering your home. Traditionally, foyers are a welcoming space to greet guests. It also sets the stage for the overall vibe for the rest of your home and can leave a great first impression. It’s a great place to store last-minute necessities (keys, wallets, purses, backpacks, etc). This space is more commonly used for items needed to leave the home or what you don’t want to take into the rest of the home, like dropping off shoes for example. Regardless of how you use the space, a functional and stylish foyer can leave a big impression, even if it is small in size.

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Why Bother Furnishing and Decorating the Foyer?

Since the foyer is the first place you end up when entering your home, it’s a good place to take a quick pause to hang your coat or take off your shoes. However, it’s also typically the first place you will greet your guests. By using stylish and functional furniture and decor, there are many beautiful ways to utilize the space smarter, make a good impression, and run a more efficient household.

How to Make your Foyer Functional?

By making some smart choices for what to include in your foyer, you can make the space not only stylish, but also extremely functional. For smaller creative storage solutions you can use bins, beautiful baskets, or canisters on a small console table or accent table. A pretty coat rack or pegs on the wall is great for a place to hang a handbag or jacket.

Adding a smaller wood bench, upholstered stool or ottoman is also a great idea. This is helpful for setting a purse or mail down upon entry to your home. An entryway bench can be used to slip on/off shoes, too.

Additionally, proper lighting can elevate the look of your foyer. Whether you use pendent lighting, a table lamp, or have enough natural light from a glass window, this will help set the tone of your home while being a visual navigation aid and ensuring the safety of you and your guests.

A large mirror is also helpful to reflect light, as well as a place to do a quick check out the door. Mirrors are the perfect option to hang above a console table. Another idea might be to use an oversized mirror leaning on a table. Having a tall mirror will help to utilize the vertical wall space. Reflecting light in a small room is the perfect solution to make a tiny foyer appear larger.

Best Tips When Working With a Small Foyer

Don’t let minimal square footage scare you, if you are being strategic, there are ways you can maximize a small foyer to have enough room to work for both style and function.

  1. A small console table is great for horizontal storage. It also is the perfect way to implement a decorative look. Styling an entryway table is a fun way to bring in your own personal style. You can easily swap tabletop decor, too, for a fresh look to your entryway space. There are plenty of options out there
  2. Don’t overlook lighting. It’s one of the best ways to bring a custom look to this space, even if it’s small. If you have overhead lighting, a quick replacement of your lighting fixture can help rejuvenate the room. A foyer chandelier creates drama. Even if your ceiling isn’t high enough for a statement chandelier, a pretty overhead light can be an affordable way to significantly update the space. You also can add table lamps or tall floor lamps to brighten and open the space.
  3. A floor rug is a wonderful way to add a focal point and create soft texture. Find something within the same decor as the rest of your home that properly fits. If you have neutral colors, aim for something along the same lines. Or, if you have bold colors, you can add a fun rug in a bright color. Adding a rug is the perfect way to bring in color or pattern that can set the tone for your home. It also will help to catch some of the dust or debris from shoes so it stays off the main floor. This is especially helpful if you have a wooden floor, as it prevents damage from possible scratching.

Ready to Give it a Try?

There you have it – some great tips and tricks to decorate a foyer or entryway. Even if your foyer is small, there are plenty of reasons to give it some attention and make it the perfect place for you. With proper planning and thinking about the space, you can create both function and style to appreciate the moment you walk through your door. And hopefully, these entryway decor ideas will inspire you to give it a try, even if you don’t think you have enough space!

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