How to Use Rattan for a Modern Coastal Home


One home decor material that instantly gives off a coastal look is rattan. Rattan has been making its way into home trends for the past few years and it may be here to stay. Especially in 2022, when one of the top trending themes for home decor (and more) is “Coastal Grandmother” – rattan has made quite an appearance this year. You can use it to create a modern look in your home that is also timeless. It’s important that when designing with rattan you don’t overdo or overuse it. Too much can create an outdated look. Let’s look at some ways to use rattan for a modern coastal home.

rattan entryway table

The Perfect Way to Add Texture

Rattan is the perfect way to add texture to your home. One of the keys to create visual interest with home decor is to use a variety of textures and patterns. Woven pieces add that extra visual interest, giving the eye a way to bounce around, highlighting areas around your home.

Varying materials with rattan can also help create depth in your space. For example, if you were to use leather with upholstery and a touch of rattan, it will create a more visually appealing design than just upholstery alone. Rattan, with it’s golden-hued color, adds warmth to a room as well.

A great tip to keep in mind when creating this depth and texture with rattan is to incorporate one to two pieces in your space. Just these subtle touches will create an elevated look. If you go with too much, there’s a chance it may be too much. Going overboard takes away from the visual appeal you are going for. Just think – can you imagine a room with all-wicker furniture? This loses the positive effect of visual interest, not to mention, it can instantly date a space.

Rattan can also be mixed and matched with ease. They also pair well with most color palettes. Anything from grays, blues, and neutrals to warmer tones will look great with rattan pieces throughout a space.

rattan lamp

A Neutral Vibe that Feels Coastal

Rattan, when it first emerged into the world of home decor, was used primarily in outdoor furniture. The reasons why? Firstly, it is super durable. It can endure tropical-type weather. The materials that makeup rattan are actually sourced from tropical areas, so it withstands warm and humid climates. Naturally, seeing the material can be reminiscent of these places, so it gives off that coastal vibe effortlessy.

Also, since it’s made from a natural material, it’s a way to bring the outdoors in. Rattan helps keep spaces light and airy, even in the darkest of hues. It also adds subtle warmth, which is often a reminder of being on the coast.

Lastly, since rattan typically comes in shades of brown, it’s the perfect neutral to add to your home. Creating a neutral palette gives a serene backdrop, and rattan is the perfect piece to give neutral spaces some personality.

rattan basket

Four Ways to Bring Rattan into your Home

There are many ways you can use rattan successfully as in your home. Here are a few places to consider adding this neutral, timeless design piece into your home’s aesthetic.


Maybe steer clear of an all-wicker outdoor set or living room set, but search for pieces of accent furniture that can fit into your current furniture selections. Side chairs, accent tables, and bar carts are all great stand-alone pieces that can be mixed and matched with ease in your current home.


Baskets are the first to come to mind when searching for rattan decor. Not only are baskets decorative, they are also functional. Because they make it easy to store things like blankets, throw pillows, and other essentials throughout the home, they are great to use anywhere in your home. They can create great dimension in places like your entryway or in built-ins that need levels of height.

Trays are another place where you see rattan material being used. They’re the perfect accent to give visual interest to dressers, console tables, kitchen islands and more.

You may even see rattan baskets on walls, typically seen in sets of varying sizes. They can be mixed and matched with picture frames or other pieces of art. Rattan mirrors are also trendy and fun. Frames are easy to find on sites like Amazon or Pottery Barn.


Rattan lighting is currently trending and it’s perfect for the coastal home. From pendants to lamps, this style is an easy way to add it into your space without going overboard!


If you want a bolder piece, search for beds or even sofas made with rattan. They can bring a light and airy feel to your bedroom or living room, especially if you have neutral linens and upholstery. Cane is beautiful on dining chair backs and barstools to create an effortless coastal look.

rattan decor in coastal home, coastal decor

Tips to Use Rattan Successfully in your Home

If you’re ready to add rattan to your cart immediately, here are a few other things to keep in mind.

Firstly: less is more. As I mentioned to start, adding one or two pieces to a room is ideal. You can feel free to mix a couple of pieces, but my number one rule is to not go overboard. To successfully accomplish this, incorporate different types of pieces into your space. For example, a lampshade and a basket, both made of rattan, would contrast nicely. Another example is a cane back chair with a pendant light in your dining room or nook.

Secondly, think of a Serena and Lily Catalog. The selects and examples from this brand create a coastal vibe. Repeating an element more than once helps to create cohesion. Plus, what you pair it with will give your overall vibe, whether it’s bright colors or a more neutral look.

Lastly, focus less on it being a trend. It’s a timeless material that has been used over and over. If it makes sense to capture the overall look you want for your home, then go for it!

rattan decor in coastal home, coastal decor

Bottom line, rattan is a beautiful material that works perfectly in the coastal home. There are countless ways to seamlessly infuse it into your home. Let me know your favorite ways to use rattan in the comments below!

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