Ideas to Create a Modern Coastal Home Office

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If you have a coastal style home, you may want to also extend the design to create a coastal office. Coastal style offices do not have to be over the top with seashells, or beach-inspired textiles and decor in order to give off a calming vibe. By using simple yet effective strategies, you can achieve a modern and fun coastal office look that matches your home’s overall look and design.

Coastal Style Home Office

How to Make the Most of the Space

Office areas tend to be on the smaller end when discussing space and design. However, no matter how much space you have in your home office, there are some strategies that can help you maximize it.

Use Zones

When you have a longer, more narrow space, it can be tricky to figure out the best layout. It is always helpful to think of “zones” for these types of rooms. Here, the design included a seating zone, a desk zone, and the built-in zone. Artwork hung side by side and ottomans help to fill the wall space between the zones to create a natural flow for the room. Zones are for planning and siphoning off space for one designated purpose. It also can help keep things more organized as no one loves a messy office. You can see in this narrow layout an example of how to setup an office by using different zones. The alcove on the left includes built-in shelves for storage which is next to the desk (work) area, and then a seating area.

Office layout with corner desk

Storage Space

It’s always good to have extra storage space in your home office. There are many different ways to incorporate storage in your coastal modern home office. For example, you can utilize a closet space with any extra office supplies you may have like paper, staples, or binders. Adding extra cabinets for filing or paperwork, or even using built-in cabinets (like above) and shelving for added storage. This is also a great place to consider placing printers and other bulky items that may be needed but not necessary for everyday use.

Adding a Rug

Place a rug under the desk to better define the space and add texture. It also helps ground the space and even highlights the desk. Rugs can also reduce noise levels which is nice when you’re focused on work. Make sure the rug under the desk is large enough to cover the whole desk and the area around it.

What Finishes Can Help You Achieve a Modern Coastal Style Office?

One of the things you will see a lot of around here is how to incorporate a modern coastal style in your home and there isn’t much of a difference when talking about a modern coastal style office. When it comes to hard finishes like paint, hardware, etc., there are certain ways to maintain a coastal vibe.

Coastal Color Scheme

Choose a coastal color scheme consisting of hues of blues and grays. These colors can be combined with neutral shades such as beige or crisp white to create a calming and sophisticated palette. When choosing a coastal color palette, it’s important to keep the overall look and feel of the space in mind, as well as the natural elements that are present. By combining these elements with a coastal color scheme, you can create a stunning coastal-designed office that is both relaxing and visually appealing.

Coastal Office Decor

Hardware and Lighting

To achieve a cohesive coastal style in your home office, consider incorporating a mix of modern hardware and lighting, such as brass, black, and chrome finishes. By repeating these elements at least twice, you can create a sense of unity throughout the space. For instance, you might choose to have your hardware and lighting fixtures in the same finish to tie the look together. This approach can be applied to various design elements, such as incorporating the same color or material in your textiles, furniture, or decor. By using repetition and consistency, you can create a cohesive and balanced coastal vibe that is both modern and timeless.

Furniture & Decor Pieces

Let’s take a look at a few furniture and decor pieces that can help you pull off the modern coastal design style for your office.

Light Wood

When thinking about coastal home office furniture, light wood is a great choice. For example, get a light wood desk, accent chair, or side table. Light wood pieces can give off a raw natural look that mimics the woods you see washed up on the shore.

Coastal Decor Pieces

Don’t go wild here, rather select one or two coastal decor pieces. For example, a pretty coastal picture book, rattan-style frame, or some pretty antique vases. Bookends or objects atop a stack of books, such as coral or coastal-hued beads can give off a coastal vibe without going overboard.

Coastal Artwork

This is the best place to interject your personality. Want a masculine look, choose a black & white graphic. Want a more feminine look, add a more abstract in muted coastal tones.

Coastal Artwork in Home Office

Blue Hues

Stick with the modern coastal theme by utilizing blues throughout the space. There are many great places to add in blue textiles such as a desk chair, throw pillows. rugs or accent chairs.

Blues are also a great choice for built-in cabinets, and even walls. A monochromatic look with walls, ceilings & trim all the same blue hue is a great way to create a unique vibe for offices in coastal homes.

Add in Subtle Texture

Incorporate some coastal style texture by adding rattan furniture like a side table, stool, or even natural woven shades. Just keep in mind to not go overboard here. Less is more!

Endless Possibilities

By using these strategies above, not only can you maximize your space, but you can also create a modern coastal vibe and for a modern coastal home office, less is more. You can create and execute a unique design that is bright, airy, and feminine or more moody and classic… whichever one fits your modern coastal style vibe. Here are a few pieces used to create a modern coastal home office look. Love the clean and coastal look these pieces give this space.

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