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With Valentine’s Day under three weeks away, it’s time to start thinking about your special V-Day plans. Do you spend Valentine’s Day at home? Do you spend it out at and about? For a lot of people, Valentine’s day is typically spent out at a restaurant but if you really think about it… celebrating Valentine’s Day at home has many wonderful advantages.

Valentine’s Day has a tendency to be pretty commercialized with candy, conversation hearts, flowers, jewelry, and more. However, creating a space to enjoy or spend the night in, can give more meaning to this special day of love. If you are someone who loves good food for the day of love, adding a few festive touches to your dining room table and eating in can bring a more meaningful feel to the holiday.

floral tablescape for Valentine's Day

Ways to Celebrate at Home

If you are looking for ways to celebrate at home, there are several ways that you can! Whether you plan to celebrate with your significant other, your friends, or your kids, there are many special ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day at home with the ones you love.

Romantic Dinner with your Love

There are a few ways to have a romantic dinner at home with your partner. The first idea that comes to mind is to cook for them. What are their favorite dishes? Favorite desserts? Or even try something new. This special touch to a romantic dinner is a wonderful way to celebrate. Another way to celebrate is by cooking together. Pick out your favorite dishes that you love to make (or eat) together, pour some wine, and get to cooking! Or if neither of you wants to cook, enjoy the romantic evening by ordering takeout from your favorite restaurant and have the romantic table setting all ready to go before your love gets home.

romantic dinner for two Valentine's table decor

Galentine’s Day Party

Hosting a Galentine’s Day party is such a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s day! Whip up a cute signature cocktail, create a girly arrangement as a table centerpiece, add a cute charcuterie board or provide 2-3 well-loved dishes and request others to bring some of their favorites as well. A fun-filled girl’s lunch or dinner is a great way to celebrate friends.

rose napkins

Family Valentine’s

On this special celebration of the day of love, make it fun and incorporate your family. Do things like exchanging Valentine’s Day cards with the whole family, or talk about what you like most about your family. You can do a family breakfast with heart-shaped pancakes or make a cute waffle charcuterie board. Host a family dinner with a game night or share a chocolate fondue plate for dessert. There are so many wonderful ideas to make this special day even more special for the whole family.

heart-shaped napkin

Tips for Creating Valentine’s Day Table Centerpieces

Decorating your dining table can add a special touch and make your home feel festive for this holiday. In order to create a pretty Valentine’s Day tablescape, regardless of how you are celebrating, it can be helpful to consider a few things as you are planning. Little details always add a special touch, and with a good plan, it will allow you to make sure to think of everything.

  1. Think about your guests. If it’s you and your honey, you may want to plan for lots of candles and roses. Are you celebrating with family, then make it a casual and fun atmosphere.
  2. Choose your color palette. If you want to leave your Valentine’s Day table decorations up for a while to enjoy, it might be helpful to choose a color palette that blends with the rest of your decor. For example, if you do not decorate with much red color in your home, decorating with neutrals can make a pretty table that also coordinates with your other decor. Of course, pink is a beautiful color that can be easy to coordinate with other decor.
  3. Put together a supplies list & shop. There really isn’t a huge need to go overboard, but rather how can you keep it simple. Fresh florals, and maybe a few linens if you don’t already have some. Cute napkin holders or even a ribbon could be a nice touch that feels festive but is still simple. Don’t forget candles, and of course, anything you need if you are preparing food.
Girly floral tablescape for Valentine's Day,  baby shower

Valentine’s Day Centerpiece Ideas

Creating a beautiful yet simple table centerpiece for Valentine’s Day can help set the mood to celebrate this holiday. Whether that’s a floral centerpiece, candles, or a scatter of rose petals, let’s talk about a few different ways to decorate your table with a beautiful Valentine’s centerpiece.

Romantic Valentine’s Day Table for Two

When thinking about a romantic centerpiece, roses and candles often come to mind. Clear vases make a pretty vessel for some grocery store roses. Layering in eucalyptus, baby’s breath or other filler not only adds interest to any bouquet, it can also stretch your budget. Adding in some taller candle holders with flameless candles or the real thing helps to give your table a romantic feel. Votive candles can also give off a romantic mood. Not crafty or just simply don’t have the time? Order some beautiful florals from your local florist.

No matter your table size, you can set up your table for two. A pretty floral centerpiece and candles, along with place settings is the perfect backdrop for a romantic meal. It’s a great time to bring out linen napkins and your nice silverware. Even if you’re having takeout, these simple touches can make the night feel special.

Fresh Florals Girly Look

One of the first things that come to mind when talking about Valentine’s Day is flowers. Fresh flowers, faux flowers, flower deliveries, grocery store bouquets. There are so many ways to incorporate floral centerpieces into your Valentine’s Day decor. Trader Joe’s is known for their beautiful and inexpensive flower section. Pick up a few stems and add them to vases that you already have at home. Throw in some greenery, a little bit of Baby’s Breath, or some Queen Anne’s Lace to make the colors really pop. White or blush tones pair well if you have coastal style, as well as adding a touch of elegance to any table decor.

This is a perfect consideration to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your gal friends. Brunch or dinner with the girls feels a little more special with beautiful flowers and a well set table. Again, this doesn’t need to be complicated, just use what you have along with some grocery store florals, and voila!

Simple Centerpiece

Sometimes simple is best and adding some simple decor to your Valentine’s Day table will still make the room look festive and ready for the holiday. If you have small bud vases (or even small drinking glasses or mason jars), adding a flower stem to a few lined up in the center of your table will be a simple, yet lovely addition to the table. This can be a great idea for a family style celebration, as it feels casual and fun!

Another simple touch to add is a heart-shaped napkin. Keeping an all-white foundation with pops of pink creates a seamless look with your other home decor.

Other Table Pieces

White dishes are always a great foundation for any occasion. They make it easy to build a unique look using other table decor and accessories. For a coastal touch, you can add in jute chargers or a touch of blue.

Using nice flatware and table linens can help to give an extra romantic mood, creating a fine dining scene right at home. Having formal place settings can elevate the overall experience. If you plan to serve wine, stemmed wine glasses always feel festive. If you’re serving breakfast, you can add cute vintage teacups or stemmed water glasses to make the celebration feel even more special.

Use What you Already Own

This project doesn’t have to be difficult. By using white as a foundation, and things you find in your home like dishes and linens, add some accents with pretty pinks or some simple hearts, and you can make it festive. If you decide to purchase a few pieces, Amazon is always great for fast shipping and affordability.

By picking up a few flowers from the grocery store and using what you have in your home, you can create a simple, beautiful, and special Valentine’s table to enjoy this wonderful holiday with your significant other or your family. Enjoy creating more meaning this Valentine’s Day. Hope you have a Happy Valentine’s Day, however you decide to celebrate!

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